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  1. No.1 Without a doubt the Spitfire. The brave pilots flying them won the 'Battle of Britain'. No.2The Hawker Hurricane which could be used as a fast fighter/bomber who's pilots helped enormously to win the Normandy Landings and the subsequent invasion of Europe. No.3 Flying Fortress who's crews so bravely took the 2nd.World War into Germany. No.4 The aircraft, I'm not sure but I think they Halifaxes, that flew into the massive opposition to destroy the dams with 'bouncing' bombs. No.5 Cessna 142 used extensively in Britain by private pilots and for training. Sor
  2. Couldn't find the dots. Are they missing somehow behind those bloody great black circles?
  3. I would love to be able to try the 'F' but its got to be 'G' nowadays I'm afraid.
  4. Don't want to sound morbid but we're all getting older and Its possible that many of those who go missing have gone on the the other place (if there is one). This is very much a solitary hobby and their nearest and dearest wouldn't necessarily know who to notify. My Sheila has started the occasional communication with Rodger and Trudy but I suspect that's unusual.
  5. Not at all sure about 'equivalent' Rodger. But, of course, it'll be ladies equivalent!
  6. Hi Iain I know we're not in regular contact nowadays because I don't fly any more, so no pics. But I just want to wish you well. I have a friend who has a pacemaker and at 80 he was still playing golf! Look after yourself mate and al the very best. JohnY
  7. Old fashioned me always found my way back to the C142. Lovely aircraft for low and slow looking at the scenery.
  8. My Sheila could make you all an unbelievable Chinese feast. But she won't because I would gobble it all up myself!
  9. When I was flying I always had problems with the stutters coming in the Brisbane. Nowhere else in the world but Brisbane for some reason...stutters, so a no.no! Hope its better and enjoyable for you fliers. John
  10. Blimey. You kept that under your hat Rodger! Many happy returns anyway from Sheila and me.
  11. Still here, Occasionally! 88 next month
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