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  1. The quite good advice I was given was; 'save for a rainy day because one day you'll need it'. It proved to be true on a few occasions!
  2. My Dad advised me to get a job on the factory floor where he had started. That, I knew was bloody hard work so I got an office job instead and did office managerial work until I retired. My Dad finally retired as the Factory Manager so he didn't too bad either. Just shows there are many ways to do things successfully.
  3. I envy you lot. I don't want to put a downer on things but to be truthful, while trying to do the best I could at them I didn't really enjoy any of the jobs I had. They were all connected with the shipping industry and very worrying! On retirement moving to live in England's beautiful West Country was the second best decision of my life. The best decision was marrying my wife now of so many years I can't remember I have certainly enjoyed my retirement more than at any time in my life. Long may it last!
  4. Nah. 1 Obx member is all you need. Me to catch my wife as she falls off the steps after changing the bulb! Or, was this meant to be a joke question?
  5. ' If I didn't have good insurance I'd probably need to sell one of the airplanes...........Doug' Keep the Orbx one though Doug W2DR. John
  6. That is brilliant Nick. Thank you so much. Look after yourself. John
  7. Thanks Nick. I've changed a bit. I still don't know what I'm doing but before it was half the time, now its all the time! To save complications that I just know will arise simply because its me, I'll keep the identity I've got now please. People know I've been a member for years so its really not that important, All the best. John
  8. We're very lucky in the UK. After the 2nd world war Thanks to Beveridge (not the drink-the man), on Churchill's instructions he designed our National Health System and we never have to pay for anything health related. Of course, we do pay through our income tax system but that's fair because the more your income the more you pay and the poorest people pay nothing. There are sometimes quite long waiting lists for some things that are not life threatening but for things like hip or knee operations you can always opt to 'go private' and pay. Providing you can afford it of course.
  9. Glad that your op' went well Rodger. I can't write to you privately 'cos stupidly I lost your email address in the process of getting rid of bt in favour of Google. Can't really think of a way round that except I might be able to pick it up if you drop me a line to the old address please. John Y
  10. I've got the lot. Does one have any advantage over the other, or could I dispense with the separate countries? Thanks. John
  11. Got my new toy today. Besides flying, I read. And don't laugh...Western romances mostly. Anyway I got the new Kindle Oasis. I think I'm going to like it. It's much superior to the Paperwhite because it doesn't have the on/off button on the bottom. I was always turning the Paperwhite off by mistake because the on/off button being on the bottom. Damn silly. Anyway, there's no danger of turning the new one off by mistake because its nicely located at the top. It cost me though. About treble the price of the normal Paperwhite and because its wider it won't fit into a normal jac
  12. My knowledge of USA Geography is really lamentable, Can someone, preferably in the UK recommend a map of the USA I can purchase that shows all the airports please? John
  13. All in shortish hops I've transposed Australia & New Zealand left to right and north to south and gone round the perimeteres. The same holds true of the USA, Canada, GB and Europe. Presently, I'm flying in America trying to follow some of the epic journeys of the original pioneers. However, I would be interested to know how you fellers decide where to fly to and where from?
  14. Thick fog at KPIT Atkins. Just had to trust ILS. In hate to do that.
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