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  1. The setting isn't airport specific. The ceilings would typically be the same regardless of airport and the elevation. There may be some slight variation as MSFS depicts clouds at slight variations (we found anyway) even with the min/max cloud ceiling.
  2. Hi there, The themes are based on AGL settings. The weather will simply show as clouds/mist/sun/fog/rain depending on the theme you use at that altitude. You can always adjust them in the menu setting if you have a specific condition in mind. The temperature is different depending on the theme. E.g. Cold themes have cold temps / warm weather have warm temps and so forth. Hope that helps. Jon - thanks for the tag.
  3. We are pleased to confirm that Weather Preset Pro has been updated to version 1.10. The new version adds 10 brand new presets, fixes a range of bugs and improves the installation process for customers. This is a free update for all customers. The new presets include additional jetstream presets, additional visibility conditions, new storm formations and also wild fire conditions. Whilst we’re excited by the new presets, we’re also pleased to have found better ways to implement some of our ideas in the previous build and used new techniques to make them more visually appealing
  4. Thank you all for the positive words. With the release of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator update and the subsequent patch, we waited to update to ensure it all still worked with that version. We're awaiting on a new installer being built and then will send to the stores to enable customers to download the free update. Hopefully won't be long now!
  5. Thanks for the comment. I understand there's some frustrating elements with a few of the presets and your feedback has helped us to identify some issues we have since fixed. I disagree on the silence as we have responded to your comments, and others who have had feedback, as well as replying to any support tickets that have come through. Our support portal is our primary tool for feedback, but of course monitor forums and other communities too to help out and answer questions. We have also announced that 1.10 is coming soon (a forum thread in the Orbx forums and also on
  6. The release of Weather Preset Pro earlier this month was met with huge success and a great response from the community. Your feedback has helped shape the product into something even greater than the original release. As a result of that feedback and our commitment to always providing quality products at fair prices, we will soon be releasing a free update to Weather Preset Pro. Version 1.10 of Weather Preset Pro will not only fix a handful of bugs reported by the community, but also add 10 additional presets to your collection. This now brings the total number of inclu
  7. Thanks very much. We're working on an update to improve this. Many thanks
  8. Thanks for the tag and feedback. We're working on an update over the next few days to improve this based on feedback, plus adding in more options to give users some flexibility. The presets add 40 new presets to the default ones that go beyond what the simulator can provide. We're aware of a handful of issues with 1 or 2 of the presets, but the other 35+ aren't causing some users issues. We're working on improvements and changes based on feedback, so expect to see if soon in your Orbx account. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the feedback. We're currently preparing an update which will hopefully address some of these concerns. Of course, some of this behaviour may attribute to the aircraft itself, but of course, we'll do some testing in preparation. Thank you
  10. Thanks for using Weather Preset Pro! Looking stunning!
  11. Thanks for the video. Which preset specifically? We don't manipulate the weather beyond what the in-sim engine provides. Perhaps we needed to tone down the velocity for some of the wind conditions to help prevent this. Be great to know which preset so we can look at it. Thanks
  12. Edit, I re-read the post and see you did use it! Thanks!
  13. Wow, great use of Weather Preset Pro (we assume that's the WPP bit)! Either way, loving the shots and the airport is equally great.
  14. We're delighted to inform you that Weather Preset Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available to purchase through OrbxDirect. Experience torrential tropical storms, harsh hurricanes and brutal blizzards all with the click of a button thanks to Weather Preset Pro. Weather Preset Pro goes beyond what is possible with the built-in tools to provide 40 brand-new weather presets to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Weather Preset Pro is the perfect way to try out challenging conditions anywhere in the world. L
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