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  1. Dear Nick, Finally I just found the solution. Sorry for confusing you guys. My autogen vegetation was activated in P3D and those auto generated trees were overlaying the scenery of Orbx. This was confusing for me since I had the expectation that those trees would be transformed by Orbx Flora somehow. Could you give me a short explanation about the co-operation of "Orbx Global Trees" package with the autgen function in P3D? The description says that the program "does't alter the speed tree models or textures, but the checkbox for Dynamic 3D autoge
  2. Hello Nick, Thanks for sending the pictures. I try to compare in the evening and give you response. May be you have a picture during fall season or LOWI to compare. LOWI would be great. I try to attach a picture from my screen as well if possible. Kind regards, Andy
  3. Dear Nick, Unfortunately P3D V5 is loading the auto-generated scenery every time. I created a new Orbx Library C:\Orbx Library and moved the installed Object flow from C:\User\LB\Orbx Library\p3dv5\ into the new library. Somehow P3D does't find the access to Orbx datas. After the installation P3D asked for using the Orbx data packs (global base, vector, buildings and flora). So the program found the datas obviously. Anyway, the program is loading the auto-generated scenery. I tried it with other airports as well. Regards An
  4. Just received the correct version as a gift purchase. I've never had a customer support like Orbx for sure. Outstanding! I am very grateful for everthing! Best regards to you and your colleagues, Andy
  5. Dear Nick, Ok. Very confusing right now... I try to do a new installation. Sorry for the circumstances. I appreciate your support! Just noticed that my Vector Pack purchase isn't compatible with P3DV5 I've sent a support ticket to request a refund voucher for other items in the store. Sorry for keeping you guys so busy... Regards, Andy
  6. can I move the packages/ airport files from the original file easily? Or do I have to do a new installation of the files into the new library?
  7. and Orbx/ P3D will find all the locations automatically?
  8. Hi Nick, the library was automatically installed by Orbx during installation. Interesting advice! I try to move the library. One question: Do I have to delete and re-install the library or can I just move the file to another location. After using MAC several years I'm a newbie with WIndows again ;-)
  9. Hi Doug, hi Smudger, Thanks for the warm welcome and your kind support! Do I have to install the Orbx library into the P3D V5 file somewere? Presently the library ist installed in User/"my name"/. I just bought the base pack, vector, flora and buildings. But it's still the same issue. Default P3D graphics, LOWI Airport ist upgraded. The Object flow installer forced me to install itself into library (told me not possible to install into simulator itself). I think the library is at the wrong place somehow... But P3D V5 asked me after instal
  10. Hi, I am a rookie in P3D V5 and Orbx! So I am asking for your support desperately I'm using the FSL 320X only in P3D and I've installed LOWI airport from Orbx. Unfortunately the default vegetation of V5 is overlaying the scenery, and there isn't the fotographic scenery enviroment around. Just the airport is fine! Do I have to install europe CL mesh additionally? Object flow fit's to V4 only. I tried it, but it doesn't work with V5. I apprecieate your help guys! Thx, Andy
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