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  1. Sorry to say, but both screenshots are not convincing. Lanclass scenery shows its weakness at its best ! Bernhard
  2. Yes, I meant the FTX Central. Of course I can activate it in the FS scenery library. But that's a bit annoying to search that scenery and activate it. It would be much easier, if FTX central doesn't deactivate Orbxlibs at all, if I change to Default. Or maybe there could be a tick box where I can naotify if Orbxlibs should be deactivated or not, if I change to default. I often change from Europe to Australia, so it's a litte inconveniance to always make this extra way to FS scenery library. Bernhard
  3. John, I have a wish for handling Orbxlibs. I use Orbxlibs objects to improve my own designed or buyed airports with Instand-scenery. Just for my very-own home-usage . But often I fly in Europe, so I deactivate ORBX-airports with your special activator-program (sorry, I forgot the correct name and I'm not at my home-PC at the moment). But whenever I deactivate ORBX, also the Orbxlibs are deactivated, so I loose their special objects in my enhanced sceneries. So could you please change that behavior, so that Orbxlibs are the whole time active, no matter if ORBX-world is active or not? Thanks Bernhard
  4. Unfortunatly not usable in Germany, coz of copyright problems with (UMG) music. Bernhard
  5. Of course they will make missons in the future!! It will be called: MissionFlow!! Bernhard
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