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  1. Dear Nick, thanks for the prompt reply. I took the long route and after reinstalling P3D client I had to uninstall and reinstall the whole sim because I has having scenery issues alerting me on startup. After checking in Prepar3d forums I eliminated a few remaining files left over in the users/appdata section and the sim was finally good. Then I decided that in spite of a clean install Orbx central was still giving me only 2 sims. I then reinstalles Orbx Central and the three sims are finally present. Redownloaded Global scenery. LC SA and Vectors. It also rechecked chaseplane and fixed it's i
  2. Hello, I have Orbx products installed successfully in my FSX and Prepar3d v4 and somehow I managed to install global base LC south America and Vectors onto my prepar3d v3 but now that I open up Orbx central it only shows the 2 simulators first mentioned and not my v3 therefore for some reason chaseplane also doesn´t start up when I launch v3. What am I doing wrong?. Do I have to install v3 outside the LM file seperately from v4? If so what name do I give this file? Can´t give it LM like v4. Any help would be appreciated since I can´t seem to manage all three sims inside Orbx central.
  3. Hello, I've recently reinstalled all my Orbx products on a new SSD and a new OS (from 7 ultimate to 7 professional). Everything works fine, now all I want is to purchase LC South America and even though Orbx Central does remember the final four digits of my card it doesn´t recognize my password which is checked as correct. What to do Thanks Fernando
  4. I’d love to but your previos post puts me in a spot. I seriously doubt my abilities to upload pictures in the proposed method. That doesn’t mean I won’t try but you guys are a milestone ahead and one thing that really bothers me about swimming is having to deal with computer issues that basically take time and the fun away from flying. Today, I can safely say that I finally got a system that works with most of the addons. A few tweaks left to go here and there but I’m on my way. Once Orbx is corrected, I’m going to send quality time behind the yoke doing what I most want and that is flying and
  5. Dear anyone, hopefully Nick (whom I´ve read and followed in the past regarding many matters that have made my Orbx experience an easier one following his advice to other members). The Situation is as follows: I want to establish base in my home airport SCEL. To do this, I first decided to give the old SCEL (that you get originally with your FSX Box), with an addon, so I got the LATIN VFR SCEL version 1 for FSX. The first problem I encountered was trees and vehicles stuck in the middle of heavy parking gate 10 (which as of now can't seem to get rid of. I had already installed lo
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