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  1. KVNY was released today and it looks great!! The only thing that I found that is a little strange is that the windsock on the west side of the airport is about 10 feet into the air; floating…… I look forward to spending more time there tomorrow….. Thank you Orbx!!
  2. I too am waiting anxiously for KVNY! I was hoping for a Father’s Day present….Hopefully soon!!
  3. Well done Orbx! Beautiful scenery… Thank you! Paul
  4. I come back to this topic as I notice Orbx has continued to be too quiet regarding North America Scenery and updates to some of their scenery that has needed some TLC for a while..i.e. KBUR….. Is it because MSFS is still too unstable to create new scenery like it did in prior versions of MSFS?
  5. No, I will have to find it and check it out.. Thank you
  6. Bump....They are so quiet, they don’t even respond.....
  7. Hey Orbx You have been very quiet lately as to any new North America Scenery! Any new products coming soon? Thank you!
  8. I too am waiting for a fix for these issues........one, with the runways and two, with the boardering scenery that is non-auto gen..
  9. I am sorry if this is in the wrong place but I wanted to know when I can expect the current update to Orcas Island to be available on the Marketplace? Thank you
  10. Yes, I have noticed that as well....It seems an area surrounding KBUR is flattened and then away from the airport, all is back to normal. I also see that at KSBA ....Just around the edges of the airport....I have both Orbx products...
  11. Hello I am redoing this request as it seems it disappeared on this forum... When choosing a runway for taking off from Burbank in the main flight planner in MSFS, I always get a different one than I choose. This began after the Orbx patch earlier this week...
  12. I downloaded today and it works very well! The only thing I would suggest is to be able to assign a keystroke to it like the VFR map, to make it easier to bring up or down.
  13. Well, I updated to the current version (MSFS) and I am still experiencing being directed to a different rwy after choosing a specific rwy. Any word on a fix? thank you
  14. Just to clarify what I was trying to explain....When choosing a runway to depart from, I never get the one I choose ....
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