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  1. Very good, Nick. I have logged in to my account and have downloaded the software. You have been very helpful and I commend you. Mike
  2. Hi Nick. Thank you very much for opening an account for me, I look forward to maybe buying new products. Will you be sending me the User Id and Password?
  3. I opened an account at Orbx and was told to wait for a verification email but it's hours later and the email hasn't come. Should I try to open another account with a different email?
  4. Hi Nick. I bought the software in 2012 and I don't think there was an Orbx Direct at the time. I downloaded the software from the Flight Sim store. I am in the process of opening an account at Orbx Direct as you suggested. Thank you for your help.
  5. I cannot access Orbx Central because I lost my password and I can't get a new password because the default email is an old, closed email: msestito@telus.net. My new email is: piluzzu@hotmail.com.
  6. After a long time of inactivity with Microsoft FSX I attempted to install FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest, which I purchased in 2012: this was after a clean install of Windows 10. Sadly though, the program stops after I fill out the three necessary fields: Order Number, Date of Purchase and Registration Key Number. The installation refuses to go beyond this point and the error message is: VALIDATION FAILED. TIMED OUT ON CONNECTiNG. I am using the information sent to me in an email by Orbx in 2012. What could be wrong? ORDER NUMBER: FSS0169970 COMPUTER: Ryz
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