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  1. Hello i have just started my P3DV5 up and got this message come up on my screen. I have tried uninstalling and delting the files manually but still nothing please help i feel like i have just wasted my near 50 dollars for nothing. here is the log file it created .......... --1.2.50-------------- START OF LOG SECTION ---------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- -------- To avoid spambots, do not share this Log Online -------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Please open a ticket at htt
  2. little question, when do you think this product will be available in the store for purchase??
  3. One thing that is important to note about all of those things is that they can be updated over time. Everything on release dates aren’t perfect, and that’s just that. You also have to remember Orbx do a lot more than just create scenery all day and pay millions of dollars to make it all they pristine perfect. They have real lives to work for aswell. Anyways I hope this amazing product by Orbx can get released soon. And hope this is not the issue holding it back.... thanks Orbx for doing this. Huge pat on the back to you!!
  4. Yes would like to see some updates and new info regarding this.
  5. Hey guys sorry for the late reply. Thanks for all the help and no I don’t have any NZ regions installed. I think it has something to with P3DV5 or something....
  6. Hi guys there is not much too say but here is the picture. I have tried uninstalling and verifying it but still nothing! any thoughts let me know thanks Mitch
  7. sorry for the late reply i still have not fixed it using your tips
  8. Well all I can say is this is so incredible and has been anticipated my the community for quite some time. In my case I will be buying this instantly and I am sure a lot of other people will be as well. It looks so crisp and spectacular I am speechless. It even has the IBIS hotel which is where I stayed when I was in Brisbane "I am gonna have a fun time relating back to the old times of travel. I know in my case I will be flying there so often i wont get sick of it! anyway great job Orbx absolutely stunning job!
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