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  1. it's not time to cheer, unfortunately. they broke the LongEz where you can't turn the magnetos key or the fuel selector with the mouse. The developer already contacted me and the workaround is to bind keys to those actions. the pa44 has a minor probem, the OBS ring appears to be inop. (this bug seems related to the one with the LongEz, perhaps our french friends broke again some API?) many people are complaining that snow is not appearing where it should be appearing. I say that they are lucky because, for instance I fly a lot in the Alps and in that area everything is covered
  2. I was just going through the forums and it seems to be a problem in many places. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/terrain-glitch-near-koma-airport/338390 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/after-today-update-i-get-spikes-on-terrain-and-problems-around-eddl/338732 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bugs-terrain-geneva/338529 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/discussion-sim-update-2-1-12-13-0/337884/201 hopeless product.
  3. after the last update I noticed some spikes around Concrete, is this something with my installation or has anyone else noticed it?
  4. I have the long-ez bought (unfortunately) from the ingame marketplace and had to live with that very same bug for weeks. the developer (indiafoxtecho) had pushed the changes but asobo took weeks to approve it. after the update was rolled the bug is gone. so, in short, update your version, you're probably not running an up-to-date version of the long-ez.
  5. Hi Richard, the product has been uninstalled and any backup has been removed as explained through the ticket email. I don't have any screenshots here but can provide them when I get back home. thank you.
  6. I have very good news for this issue. with the latest version (I will not call it a patch) there has been some revision to the mechanism that loads textures, namely the problem is this one: https://flightsim.to/blog/flight-simulator-patch-1-10-7-0-breakes-liveries-heres-how-you-fix-it/ I had some liveries with this problem and, each time I picked them up in the profile->hangar I'd have a CTD or a simulator not loading (loading screen freezes). They always worked fine before this version. All these CTDs are logged with the same code 0xc0000
  7. This post will create some drama, but I'm on the edge of tolerance with the above scenario. So, I bought Gaya's LIRQ scenery and, on my first flight, crashed with an invisible obstacle on landing. Discussion here: I was directed to Gaya support (and this is a first move which I don't like because I purchased from Orbx site, not gaya, when I have a problem with my car I don't go to Torino but to a car mechanic). I then opened a ticket (with screenshots and could also hand them a video) from their page (you can't open tickets or posts on the forum and that smells like rott
  8. is there an update to this issue? I didn't it noticed in any of the latest communications from asobo and how they are prioritizing bugs. in the meantime I tried many combinations with different planes, clean weather, no multiplayer and even no trackir in the Seattle area and I came to the conclusion that it is a problem with only this single scenery. I have in the area 1S2, KTIW and some other freeware sceneries. First I disabled every single scenery and left only KORS and I would get a CTD every time I get at about 10nm of KORS coming from any direction. Then I disa
  9. thanks for your input, I got a reply from their support: there you can see the poly that causes the crash, there are two more along the runway. if you disable crashes you will simply bounce 100ft in the air.
  10. you're right about the crashes, have the same problem in Donegal (the default scenario), everytime I'll clip the KA350 wing against the terminal. as for LIRQ, there are no other addons in the area all the way up until Bologna LIPE, this seems related to a custom runway profile. ticket raised to gaya anyway, thank you for the pointer.
  11. I had two crash with some unseen object when landing RWY 05 at LIRQ. I'm attaching also my settings for reference. It happens when landing during day or night and no matter the weather condition (live weather / clear skies preset) There are no other addons installed in the area. When approaching during the day I noticed that the runway had some sort of strange polygon issue with some parts of the runway visibly detached from other parts, like a disconnected/irregular mesh so to say. So far I had these crashes both with the TBM and Kingair, didn't try others ye
  12. I think so. But somewhere, deep in my heart, I'd like to hear "beta majestic dash" :)
  13. problem persists in 1.9.3. I had a similar problem with "vegetation polygons" not working in my own scenarios on 1.8.3 now in 1.9.3 they work again, not on OG20 though.
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