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  1. Thanks Jon, this is very useful thanks! Sydney Harbour bridge here I come...Let the reckless aviation commence!
  2. Thanks Gerold. Believe it or not, but it was this exact video that tempted me to have an attempt to fly under the bridge in the first place :-) Seems the functionality is dependent on a SP as per Frank's comments...Let's all wait for that in a future update. For now I am just going to enjoy the city from a 'safe' height :-)
  3. Thanks for the response Frank, and thanks/well done for a comprehensive and stunning piece of work!
  4. Agreed, It is a fantastic piece of work! Just one piece of feedback though. I know this is an aviation sin/crime in real life...but that bridge is so beautiful in the simulator and it just begs to be flown under. I presume this is a limitation with Asobo, but upon attempting the fly under this morning, it just resulted in the standard 'you crashed' black screen of doom! A really minor issue, and not to take away from the overall package which is a work of art :-)
  5. I woke up here in UK, saw it was released and out came my debit card! Just flown around Darrington and I can defo say all of the unique character has never looked better. Thanks Andreas Hegi it is a masterpiece!..A great way to spend my Sunday morning!
  6. Great news, I love the character of this airport from a previous purchase on X Plane. Hopefully airports such as Anacortes will also be released. Over in UK I also loved Caernarfon and Shoreham. Would be grateful if Orbx could consider porting these to MSFS also. Great work on MSFS so far - Thank you!
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