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  1. Lots of great news to digest, however the stand out for me are the regional packs. I take it these will be the Microsoft Flight Simulator equivalents of the True Earth series? If so, that is absolutely fantastic! Flying around Northern England and Scotland with stacks of Orbx quality VFR landmarks sounds captivating. My debit card is already poised...take my money! PS - don't forget about Southern England too ;-)
  2. Yes please do, as there is no star at Kos currently. It seems such a little thing, but would appreciate if you include on all of your airports new and old, so they are easier to quickly identify on the world map in MSFS.
  3. Thank you Jon and all at Orbx. I appreciate the guidance that you have offered. Above all else, I appreciate the quick responsiveness to acknowledge these CTD issues which I understand you are in no way accountable for causing. I think this is a great example of commitment to your customers, to keep us informed and offer practical workarounds quickly. It is why I will personally continue to be a customer of yours (alongside quality of your products). I personally will wait for the ‘Microsoft/Asobo/Bing’ fix as opposed to applying the workaround. I do, none the less, appreciate being given a ch
  4. I share your sentiment Carlos. The airport looks great, but duplication of those people models (only where the same models are close to one another), introduces unnecessary repetition and therefore breaks the immersion. I would be grateful if the developers could take on this feedback. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I hope this helps: London Southend V1.0.2 – Update Microsoft Flight Simulator Fixed ATIS tuning Removed Touchdown lights Added extra lighting to the retail park McDonald’s now lights up at night Released 23/12/2020
  6. My goodness this looks fantastic. My wife and I went on a holiday to Corsica years ago (flew into/out of Bastia). It was an amazing place! Looking at these screenshots I am impressed with the accuracy of this represention. I can literally recognise the foot paths in the airport we used to go and pick up our car hire etc. Amazing attention to detail!
  7. Any update please? These bumps on the taxiways make EGNM pretty poor at the moment. I am sure it is fixable with a bit of time and attention please @Greg Jones?
  8. This is great stuff! If you don't mind me asking, do you precache the scenery at all? Which server are you on also? I am on a 50 meg bband connection and when I fly my MB-339 down the grand canyon, I get loads of pop in as the LOD on the terrain sharpens as I fly past. I have a high spec PC, so all settings are ultra/high etc.
  9. I have seen the same issue, so this definitely needs a solution offered thanks.
  10. Thanks for this, as the gravity defying Cubs do break the immersion somewhat :-) Also congratulations and thank you for Concrete Municipal. I bought on day 1, and spent my morning (accompanied by a nice coffee) flying the area. It’s a work of art, and full of character. Alongside Darrington and Orcas these are my favourite Orbx works on MSFS so far.
  11. I definitely think this is associated with the DEM improvements in the USA update. The same impact to the cub can be seen in Darrington Municipal, only now the case after the USA update.
  12. This is great news. I love the smaller regional airports full of character and charm. My debit card is primed and at the ready. Just an opinion...Maybe Anacortes next? I am loving my short hops around PNW on MSFS, and would love to see Anacortes make the transition :-)
  13. Thanks Jon, this is very useful thanks! Sydney Harbour bridge here I come...Let the reckless aviation commence!
  14. Thanks Gerold. Believe it or not, but it was this exact video that tempted me to have an attempt to fly under the bridge in the first place :-) Seems the functionality is dependent on a SP as per Frank's comments...Let's all wait for that in a future update. For now I am just going to enjoy the city from a 'safe' height :-)
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