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  1. Greetings @Snowfalcon: Have you followed the Flightbeam recommendation for Orbx files to disable? https://www.flightbeam.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=2591 I've been flying KSFOHD with no issues for years with these files disabled. Good luck and good hunting. Cordially, Roger Halunen
  2. While we're on the subject how about Alcatraz? Roger
  3. JV: Remember, you're not getting older, you're becoming more chronologically gifted. Respectfully, Roger Halunen
  4. Greetings CZZ; Interesting... Build 19041.xxx does indicate Version 2004. Congratulations! I checked my System Information App and I show; Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041. I'm on the inner ring beta and I take what they give me. New information is always encouraged and welcome. I'll do a little digging to see if yours is Release Candidate 1 that they're phased rolling out to the general public. They really don't tell us much or give feedback; we're just the sump they pump out to data mine deficiencies, we just get to play while it's being built (And file erro
  5. To clarify; Win 10 2004 Build 19041 Beta is available to everyone and has been a hot topic in the P3D Community since it's the first version designed to more fully utilize DX12 which is the new rendering engine for P3Dv5 and future MSFS 2020. It works as advertised with positive gains in every area. It also plays well with X-Plane and has made improvements on my rig. If you wish to be an early adapter join the Windows Insider Program by going to: Start/Settings/Update & Security/Window Insider Program and sign up. You will have immediate access to 2004 Build 19041. Now before you
  6. Thanks Nick; Over the years from Flightsim Store to today Central has morphed and gone through so many positive iterations with added features I forgot to look there. Sometimes I think I must be two people because no one person could be this dumb... Thanks again. Roger
  7. Ok then, back to the subject at hand; It's not you, it's the TE SoCal & Orbx Central 4.1.8 software. My whole rig crashes and burns instantly if I load a flight in SoCal although it runs fine in NorCal. I've been in every know forum and have tried all suggestions/solutions. No joy. I've attached both the Orbx Central Log and the XP Log but they don't show any indication of failure most likely because they lost power/communication in the nanosecond computer crash. It's so fast that the Event Viewer Log's only makes a minor note of it. The only variance I have in my ri
  8. +1 I have 240GB available. First time I've ever had an issue with Orbx/Central. There's nothing like the first day of a new release. No doubt that Orbx/JV are on it already.
  9. Thank You Misha! Not to be too greedy but is there any chance that the oil rig platforms just offshore from Santa Barbara will be included? Thanx, R
  10. Dick: You are most welcome. In the days of FSX the program came with a DS808 Glider and a series of tutorials on soaring. You would select your Glider in Aircraft, select Airport and then load. Your Glider will appear on centerline of runway; idle. You then keyed in Tow Plane (Call) CTRL+Shift+Y and the default Maule will appear in front of you to tow you to altitude. You then key Tow Rope (Release) Shift+Y and you are on your way. Or, in the startup screen you can Change Location and just add a couple of thousand feet to the airport you're flying from and set the Airsp
  11. Remember, you're not getting older, you're becoming more chronologically gifted. Respectfully, Roger Halunen
  12. It's Thermal Visualization. You can use it to find updrafts when flying gliders. To turn it off go to Options/Weather and use the drop down menu for Thermal Visualization to "None". Keep the blue side up and the greasy side down. Cordially, Roger Halunen
  13. Gentlemen; My findings on Lit Wind Turbines as follows: 1. Screen Shots: Darn those lights move fast. I had to slow the replay down to 25% to try and catch as many lit as possible at one time. It was like trying to catch a swarm of fireflies. If you're too far out you cannot capture the full scene with any clarity and if you're too close you don't get the full scope. 2. Performance: FPS fluctuates wildly as you approach, pass through and egress the Wind Farm. It would vary anywhere from 30 - 9.5 FPS. Highly unstable. It appeared that the more passes and time you
  14. Salutations Jeff & Holger; No worries. FSX was my trusted steed since it first came out and served me well. It's said that it's only a real hobby when you work on it half the time and enjoy it the other half. You have indeed earned your wings. I changed out the files and did a quick cursory trial flight and nothing blew up but I did see minor degradation in FPS (Locked @ 32 and dropped to 17-25). I have a mid range rig; Win 7 64, I7-920 OC 4.0, 9 Gb RAM, Evo 840 1 TB SSD & GTX 1060. Sheese howdy, there are a LOT of lights out there. It looks like Christmas blew up! Tonigh
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