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  1. I have noticed this near Concrete as well as a few other places. I've submitted a ticket to Zendesk. On the bright side, I suppose we can at least be thankful this latest patch didn't break the Mooney, again. Silver lining stuff, ya know.
  2. The flight from Orca's Island to Darrington Municipal is very scenic, especially the route along the Skagit River. They may have canceled the Old Fashion Fly-In this year but now you can do it virtually to this wonderful little gem. This one is definitely penciled into the must-have scenery list!
  3. Thank you for the update, Jarrad. Just for my own clarification; under normal circumstances, one would want to keep default Asobo Innsbruck airport installed alongside Orbx's version?
  4. Since some folks seem to have occasionally experienced issues with add-on scenery and rolling cache, I just wanted to give a heads-up with something I observed with this latest patch. After installing, I noticed under settings that this latest update automatically enabled rolling cache. Prior to the update under the build, I had rolling cache disabled. If you also had rolling cache disabled, you may want to check your settings to ensure it is still disabled after the latest update. Cheers.
  5. Just to add my experience which may help someone in the future: I have noticed that if you experience an interruption to your internet while in-game via that red dialog box, the "Bing data and world graphics" is sometimes set to off, even during a brief internet interruption. So a quick check to ensure the Bing data and world graphics is still set to "on" may help avoid some unexplained graphical issues.
  6. Wonderful shots, Iain. Very photo realistic!
  7. Thank you for the kind words all. I have to say, the level of detail and overall quality of this scenery is very impressive.
  8. I have to say, this airport scenery is absolutely stunning. First developer Finn Hansen impressed with his Ålesund Airport and now, Notodden! I can't get over how immersive this airport is with splendid details throughout. I could just fly circuits here for hours and not get bored. Truly wonderful work.
  9. Hi lejerm, I have seen this topic pop up in the past and one of the solutions was to make sure you uninstall the Asobo version (it's simple to reinstall should you ever desire). Cheers.
  10. The different perceptions on value are certainly interesting. I was thinking the other day after spending some time with this wonderful scenery, just what exquisite work Gaya Simulations continues to deliver. They seem to keep raising the bar. Take the high quality of the 3D objects, the absolute wonderful attention to detail dotted throughout the scenery and yet the performance in the sim is very smooth. The latter speaks to the care taken to optimize such a detailed airport - wonderful stuff! I'm a huge fan of Gaya's work and LIRQ is no exception. Definitely value for
  11. Indeed. My comment was sarcasm about "promises" made and to perhaps take them with a grain of salt. Asobo are no doubt very well intentioned, though I suspect a little overwhelmed in the studio at the moment.
  12. Hi Andi, just tried starting off runway 23 for you and I was able to do so without any issues.
  13. They also promised the "press any key to continue" was going to removed in the most recent patch.
  14. If it's any consolation, you're not the only one who has done this (I'm about to do this). This thread was timely as I no doubt would have stumbled upon this issue myself.
  15. Yes, I do use a rolling cache. I have read through the thread you provided a link to and will try the suggestion provided therein. Thank you for your time and help, Nick, it’s much appreciated.
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