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  1. Really nice job. Many thx for revisiting and updating. Cheers T.
  2. Thorsten42

    A Stearman in New-Zealand

    Yeah nice shots and beautiful short trip. Don't know how often I've done it up to now including trips to Quintin Lodge. I think NZ both the base north and south and the addon packages are still one of the best if not the best orbx ever gave us. The love to detail in this packages is still top notch and in my eyes better than a lot of the later regions. I was so happy to read Invercargill coming. Paired with realnz and upcoming nzwn and nzaa at least me not needing much more to be happy in flightsim world. Cheers T.
  3. Bought the two global ones. Nice gesture, John. RIP Vlad Cheers Thorsten
  4. Thorsten42

    A2A C172 - Ardmore Flying School

    Yes indeed. A wonderful place to fly the A2A C172 I was just on the way to Milford Sound with our VA version...