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  1. I think we have to agree to disagree. I will be removing the True Earth scenery again and I will be very wary of buying any more Orbx products if "enhancements" include wrongly coloured roads etc.
  2. I hope there is another reason than can be rectified, because I have spent £100s with Orbx to enhance my flightsim experience and frankly green roads and railway lines certainly do not do that. If the official Orbx answer answer comes back that in their opinion that is acceptable and there is no rectifyable reason for it then I doubt any more of my heard earned money will be going in Orbx's direction.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is as I am about to enter into the UK North true earth scenery at altitude. You can see the dark green cast compared to the scenery outwith it.
  4. Here is a screenshot with true earth UK North installed. If anyone knows how to get roads a natural colour I would appreciate it, as it just looks silly as it is and detracts from the immersion rather than enhancing my sim. This is on P3Dv5. I have also attached a screen shot of all Orbx products I have installed on P3Dv5 in case of any conflicts etc.
  5. I have bought the above scenery for both XP11 and P3D v5. It is fantastic on XP11 but on P3D v5 I have had to uninstall it again as it makes roads look green as if they are overgrown with grass and weeds. Is this a known issue that is getting resolved, or am I possibly doing something wrong? All my Orbx producs are installed in the sims automatically by Orby Central. Thanks
  6. I have this issue too. Has a solution been found for this or should we uninstall vector?
  7. Actually, it turned out I had corrupted scenery files hence why my graphics were ridiculously bad. I'm looking forward to getting the benefit of the new PC and graphocs card now.
  8. Hi Milan, That looks awesome. Would you miond posting what changes you have made to get these results? My graphics are looking far worse with an expensive Nvidea card on an expensive new computer, than they were on my old PC. I need to get it sorted. Thanks.
  9. I've got some weird issues with my CH Products Yoke and Pedals where if I stick with FSX they kind of behave as long as I calibrate them every few flights with their own software. As soon as I open P3D or MS2020, or download the software for my new Honeycome Alpha Yoke, or even try to use my Alpha Yoke with no software, everything becomes utterly uncontrollable. I want rid of the CH Products stuff, but because of the launch of FS 2020 everything else is out of stock. So i am stuck with FSX until I can get new ruddle pedals and throttle quadrant. Sadly I dont
  10. I just bought the Africa pack and Tenerife does now have some housing estates and golfcourses etc, instead of being only sand with an airstrip. It would be nice to get Tenerife South Airport from a trustworthy source, but I'm pleased the island itself looks more like the reality now.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I'm new to all this. Having already installed Orbx Base Pack, as well as a few other Orbx packs, I take it a mesh package would enhance things further? Does it matter that Orbx is already installed, or is the installation order of the mesh not important? I'm currently using FSX, but I also have P3D v5 installed on my PC. I like that the Orbx purchases also work on P3D. Thanks
  12. Well, I downloaded the Rikooo Tenerife scenery overnight and installed it. It changes the scenery all right, including cliffs all over the the runway at Tenerife South Airport, so it's back off my machine again.
  13. I bought Europe on Orbx, but Tenerife is still like a desert. I am trying to download Rikoooo Tenerife freeware again. I cancelled it earlier, as I was a bit nervous of it. it seems desperate to get you to sign up for all kinds of garbage, and pay for premium things and donate etc, whilst coming across as a dodgy site. I would rather just pay $30 or so, and get the scenery I want without all the scam style nonsense.
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