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  1. Hello, I have some strange bugs: 1. Apparently everyone on Tower (freq. 118.2) are dead or unconscious because I cannot get IFR clearance 2. No pushback request can be made but there is pushback truck right in front of my Airbus 3. Minor stuff like forklifts, tankers driving on taxiways
  2. @B12 I’ve read that new AMD AGESA ComboV2 that supports new 5000 series CPUs isn’t best companion with 2000 series CPUs. U might encounter stability issues, whea errors etc. You can try run this setup, but after You install new 5900x I would do clean install of W10.
  3. @matteusz are those fixes present in 1.9.5 update so U can move ahead with work?
  4. Small update. One livery in Clink123 Mega Pack broke content manager, after updating it , everything works fine.
  5. I bought it from marketplace because it was cheaper that way by about 8$ and FSDT updated it to ver1.1 and I was hoping to update my ver1.0 to 1.1 change log: we are pleased to announce an update to our Key West scenery for MSFS 2020, which features the following improvements:• Ft. Jefferson at Dry Tortugas National Park added.• Loggerhead Island with Lighthouse added.• Added F/A-18 of the VF-106 Strike Fighter Squadron at Key West NAS.• Added extra details to Key West NAS. Removed GA parking spots and replaced with Mil parking spots.• Added vegetation and swamps around the K
  6. New update new stuff gets broken, for me content manager doesn't work, just keeps spinning forever, and I was hoping for Key West update.
  7. Haven’t used this stuff for quite some time, thermal grizzly kryonaut or even better kryonaut extreme is my choice for thermal paste.
  8. @B12 always check in chosen memory kit is on QVL list of this motherboard. I wouldn't expect to hit 5GHz on AMD, that's not the way this CPU work, any OC is aimed at hitting highest sustainable MHz on all cores. 4,8GHz on all cores won't be possible. Cooling wise, if You can afford and have space You could use this cooler in Push/pull configuration, depending on radiator and fan speed there is up to 30% more cooling performance.
  9. Yes it is possible to flash BIOS without CPU page 32 of user manual explains how to do that. From my knowledge MSI X570 Unify is more popular option for max performance @ reasonable cost. Ram wise, it’s better to wait for reviews, who knows maybe there is even more performance to gain with Infinity Fabric OC, zen 2 can go IF@3800MHz maybe zen 3 can 4000MHz, then having ram capable of 4000MHz could be worth considering. I have G Skill kit with Samsung B-die OC’ed from 3600 to 3800 just to run IF @ 3800MHz.
  10. MSFS uses 4 cores so probbably anything more than 8 is overkill. We have to wait for independent benchmarks to be sure about performance but if You like to do some productivity stuff besides gaming then AMD is the way to go. MSFS needs to be updated to DX12 to gain more performance until then 50fps is the limit whatever hardware You throw at it.
  11. Yes it is possible to flash BIOS without CPU. From my knowledge MSI X570 Unify is more popular option for max performance @ reasonable cost.
  12. Just recieved this. Wasn’t expecting this kind of messages in here. Anyone else recieved this kind of messages?
  13. I would ask @Russ White if we can expect mentioned airport anytime soon? Build from scratch not ported would be awesome. MSFS version.
  14. ICAO codes are somehow organized, You instantly know where is it, and in Europe You know the country, IATA codes are seriously messed up.
  15. I’m playing sim games since 1998, using Orbx addons since Prepar3D v2 but registered on this forum maybe a month ago.
  16. Those two ways of buying addons for FS has it’s implications. Stuff You bought through Marketpalce will be available in game if You happen to play on XBox, everything that was bought through Orbx Central, Contrail, Aerosoft, Simmarket won’t be available on XBox
  17. I fly 50/50 VFR/IFR and I'm having a blast in FS. Yes FS is still practicly Beta, where number of things that does work are outnumbered by those that don't, and only airliner that kinda work is moded a320neo, but it's still fun and refreshing to fly in it. FSX at the beginning was a joke for FS9 users, but it matured after a year and a half, let's see what Asobo will do with it. If it won't be good by then, we can always play XP or P3D.
  18. Easy, top Prepar3D bottom FS. Prepar3D has the same scenery “look” as FSX
  19. I have flown ca. 60h in A32NX and I had 1 (one) CTD due to strange OOM. What bothers me most is how crappy AP is on all of the planes.
  20. I think that it will be similar to fs2004/FSX era. Until PMDG/Aerosoft/A2A/Flight Sim Labs release their aircrafts there will be lots of simmers staying with Prepar3D, after release more and more people will switch.
  21. Problems with new cards are most probably caused by nVidia not giving manufaturers drivers earlier so they could test cards with variable workloads. Buildzoid and der8auer made a videos about it recently. We can expect that there will be driver or BIOS update downclocking reference cards by -50MHz and problem will be solved. AIB with custom layouts won’t have this problem because their voltage regulation is very good. Personally I will buy EVGA 3080 FTW 20GB version because I plan watercooling it and it won’t void my warranty.
  22. I was reading through Aerosoft forums and in few topics Mathijs Kok wrote that sales of P3D addons crashed since FS launch. For now they do not plan starting any new Prepar3D project, they will continue with what was started prior FS launch, and they will make updates to existing products but nothing new will be made. Only X Plane and FS addons are warranting profit so more addons for those two platforms will be made. My question is do Orbx too see drop in Prepar3D addons sales? I know that we have to take into account mass volume of sales of Prepar3D and FS. Prepar3D v5 was sold to like 20k c
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