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  1. I bet You play on low quality settings, 1060 on ultra @4K is unplayable with it’s 10fps. Look at this chart https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/microsoft_flight_simulator_(2020)_pc_graphics_performance_benchmark_review,8.html and see what to expect @ 4K resolution if You change from ultra to high settings You will gain like 6fps. With graphics card You have I would stay @ 1080p for smooth gameplay, until You will have resources to buy 2070 or faster graphics card.
  2. Theoretically no, if this kit has XMP profile enabling it would bring some performance boost.
  3. X570 chipset is the last one paired with AM4 socket, next year there will be new socktet with DDR5 and other new features. AMD GPUs are ca. 20% slower than nVidia when raytracing is enabled (which is planned for MSFS along DX12 update) 3600MHz is sweet spot for 3000 series CPUs for 5000 series for now 3800MHz is sweet spot, some who got/will get lucky in silicon lottery will be able to push infinity fabric to 2000MHz (4000MHz for RAM) but You have to remember that AMD guarantees ram speed up to 3200MHz anything above that is OC. In 64GB kits there aren’t that many options that work wi
  4. I upgrade my CPU every 5-7 years and GPU every 2 generations.
  5. He is using it for MSFS along with Valorant, CS:GO and other games, and Yes he is satisfied, and willing to buy 6900XT when in stock. Drivers are the weakest point of AMD, it takes some time before they are good, but they said that they are taking extra effort to make them good from start this time, so we will have to wait and see how it will be. I’ve been using nvidia cards since riva tnt and now I’m considering buying 6800XT in early spring, hope by this time availability will be sufficient and drivers sorted.
  6. So I’m finally getting better after being infected with corona virus and have been refreshing some good videos on YT. I don’t know if You are but I recently started to like more and more European fighter jets (Dassault Rafale, Saab Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon), they just look right. Last fighterjet from US that look good is Raptor. Fat Amy (F35) is such a disaster on so many levels that it begs a question how do they sell this stuff. But let’s chillout for a moment with nice music and some flying over Europe.
  7. Maybe it’s not 160th SOAR but nonetheless worth watching and subscribing.
  8. Most non multithreaded apps are assigned to core 0 so I think it won’t help. For steaming I personally would go with a separate PC with capture card (Intel i5 and cheap Gtx 980 or even maybe integrated would be enough)
  9. Out of this two for raw performance in sims go Intel. AMD is worth considering if You go with 5900X. Everyone must remember that AMD doesn’t overclock at all.
  10. AMD didn’t show performance with raytracing on. I hope that New offerings from team red will make nvidia reconsider pricing.
  11. I have a friend that has 5700XT and he is happy with it, ca. 40fps@1440p on ultra and 50+ on high end settings.
  12. Two less options for GPUs with more than 8GB VRAM, maybe they will launch it later next year. https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-allegedly-cancels-geforce-rtx-3080-20gb-and-rtx-3070-16gb
  13. Those types usually don’t ask questions what to buy. They just sort price high to low and buy whatever is on top
  14. @F737NG there aren’t many options of video cards with 8GB+ VRAM. 2080ti, 3080, 3090, RX6000 and probably 3070 super(16GB) and 3080 super(20GB) or whatever nvidia will name it.
  15. 3070 is best performance/cost option in my opinion. I’m into flightsimming long enough to have learned that sims tend to need most performance out of the system, and hardware catches up ca. 2 years after release of the game.
  16. Hi, Market place and Orbx Central are two separate mediums. Stuff bought through Marketplace doesn't show on Orbx Central and vice versa things bought through Orbx Central doesn't show as owned in Marketplace. Addons bought through Marketplace are placed in Official\OneStore directory Addons bought elsewhere (Orbx Central, FlightBeam Contrail, Aerosoft, Simmarket etc) are placed in Community folder
  17. @B12 I use this one, along with rest of my MB USB headers ( I have 8 ports on Back I/O panel and 4 more on front of the case), You could use 2 of those if You need even more USB ports. https://www.lindy-international.com/7-Port-USB-3-0-Hub-.htm?websale8=ld0101.ld020102&pi=43228&ci=50
  18. „Press any key to continue” is last thing on my list to be fixed in this game. BTW it was moved to Patch #5.
  19. @bakkejn unless SDK allows 3rd party mesh Norway will look as it looks now.
  20. I was wondering which one choose? Could someone make a comparison or buying guide. Thanks.
  21. OK, we can knock off points 1 and 2. Apparently after I changed approach in MCDU something got bugged and flightplan in msfs wasn't the same as in MCDU which resulted in this strange situation.
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