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  1. Today after some waiting arrived my new GPU, bought it before price insanity started. Now I will test it on air cooler before switching to water.
  2. https://www.flightsimulator.com/january-21st-2021-development-update/ I’m very curious about that full 3D London, and how it will look/blend with Orbx Cityscape. Landmarks series for countries would be nice but it woud make need for 4TB SSDs. BTW there is addon with VFR Landmarks for France but cost is high 41€
  3. Feels so much better than 3700X, still tweaking with PBO and Curve Optimizer, also previous DRAM settings for 1900MHz infinity fabric doesn't work, might need more voltage for SOC and/or VDDP/VDDG.
  4. I think REX uses just metar and changes aren’t that smooth, but it’s miles better than stock where I see that it’s raining outside and stock weather engine renders just few clouds.
  5. I assume that You use FBW mod if not You need to. There is a tutorial how to get metar data of any airport in MCDU
  6. Release Notes ( Sim Update 2: Now Available! - Microsoft Flight Simulator
  7. For South America there are airports from Sierrasim and Centralsim For Africa there are FSDG airports both probably not Orbx quality level but still better than nothing.
  8. Let’s pretend that I made it happen I was hoping for more MSFS stuff, but I know they are selling so well that they do not need discount.
  9. Isn’t high time for EoY sale? Just asking because I have some stuff on wishlist.
  10. So it will compete with 6900XT. For it not to kil completly 3090 sales it will be slower than it, yet faster than 6900XT my bet is it will be faster by 3% against 6900XT and 8% against 3080 and that’s for 50% more money.
  11. 20GB 3080 and 16GB 3070 versions were canceled due to navi2 not performing well in raytracing and lack of memory chips.
  12. Sold out too, right now there is almost no new cards in stock. Here in Poland there is 2-3 months waiting list for RTX and NAVI2 cards.
  13. just 20% and it's almost no difference in MSFS right now, maybe after DX12 update things change.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but paying 2x as much for ca. 20% more performance is insane. I would consider spending double the price if increase in performance would be 66+%.
  15. Check which PCIe slot is assigned to GPU in BIOS settings maybe set it manually to appropriate one that corresponds to PCI slot that Your GPU is inserted.
  16. There will be uptade for UK in World Update 3 on 28th of january https://www.flightsimulator.com/november-25th-2020-development-update/
  17. Don't worry about that, any extra 4 or even 8 pins over standard 8, they are there for those who OC with LN2 and other sub zero solutions. 8 pin is enough for like 300W and 5950X is a 105W even if you enable PBO it will hit ca. 150W.
  18. If I were in looks for new MB I would buy ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII DARK HERO spacing of pci Express slots with 3000 series cards is a challenge for those who have more than graphics card. I You have room in case consider AIO for your card if there is one.
  19. It’s perfectly normal, nvidia and any other manufacturer stop to produce current chips about 1-2 months before new release. 2070 in used market is quite cheap now, I wouldn’t by new if it weren’t heeeeaaaaavvvvvviiiiiilllllllyyyyyy discounted like 50+ % off.
  20. I bet You play on low quality settings, 1060 on ultra @4K is unplayable with it’s 10fps. Look at this chart https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/microsoft_flight_simulator_(2020)_pc_graphics_performance_benchmark_review,8.html and see what to expect @ 4K resolution if You change from ultra to high settings You will gain like 6fps. With graphics card You have I would stay @ 1080p for smooth gameplay, until You will have resources to buy 2070 or faster graphics card.
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