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  1. Hi @Finni Hansen I have strange lights hovering above taxiway near terminal.
  2. @Nick Cooper Any info when or if rest of FlyTampa airports will be available via Orbx Central?
  3. @AnkH @bvdboomen eggbeaters are planned for 2022, I emphasise word planned.
  4. BTW, there should be CTR2.1 (clock tuner for ryzen by 1usmus) not far from now, which will support Curve Optimizer, for now 2.0rc3 is available for those who like maximise performance with minimal effort (OC with more voltage or undervolting) https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/clocktuner-2-for-ryzen-(ctr)-guide,1.html
  5. Today I was just sunday simming and got an idea to check how much VRAM MSFS uses. It turns out that it can be quite a bit. So if You want to play ultra settings @ 1440p and don't run out of VRAM I would strongly suggest getting 2080Ti or 6800XT. I'm curious how much VRAM MSFS will use over London after UK update.
  6. I use this program by ManniX-ITA from Overclock.net forums, it stresses just single core while running. You have to revert settings in BIOS to stock (at least those that refer to CPU OC), run the program, while monitoring CPU core clocks in HWinfo, after 5-6 passes (for each core) You will know which ones are best (highest clocking). BoostTester.exe
  7. @Donka You have to find Your best cores first, and set least negative offset, and for the rest more. I have 5900X and my settings are (all negative) best two cores -8, rest on this chiplet -15, on second chiplet all cores set to -25.
  8. I think that @Vora has a point, and then is the possibility that sales ratio of addons, maybe for every small airfield sold they sell 5 bigger ones.
  9. If You want better performance out of Your current AIO cooler, run it in Push/Pull configuration, it won't be much because it's slim radiator (thicker radiators benefit much more from running fans on both sides)
  10. We have UK update comming to MSFS, so You could make discount on every airport in UK anyone can buy from Orbx for let’s say 24h the day it comes out. You don’t have to thank me
  11. I use Corsair AX1500i, I made cables myself, they are 15AWG with original Molex connectors, sleeved with MDPC sleeves. 360 is a good option for 16core CPU, I guess every thing with RGB requires some bloatware installed to run. You will need check mounting, AMD has different dimensions than Intel. Undervolting and PBO was a thing with zen 2, on zen 3 most common OC is through PBO and CO (curve optimizer)
  12. No, past 350 euro all motherboards are more than good enough for daily usage. For non enthusiasts I recommend AIO and eventually GPU with AIO included like EVGA Hybrid series, that will give you 95% performance of custom water loop with almost none of the drawbacks. My current PC started it's live in 2014 with 5960X and X99 chipset until 2020 when I switched to AMD, water loop is still the same as day one, except for different waterblock for GPU. Goal is constant 60fps@ultra settings in GA aircraft and 45+ in payware airliners.
  13. I went with Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master, Dark wasn’t even anounced when I bought my motherboard.
  14. I hope that DX12 will bring raytracing, better CPU utilization, and for those extremely lucky ways to utilize those 24GB of VRAM PS. That’s what it looks like installed in my case. Temporary solution until waterblock arrives.
  15. Much of this lenght comes from that, cooling extends past PCB, if I change aircooler to waterblock it should look almost the same as 1080. This time I will return to Aquacomputer with active backplate (had it on GTX 980, AQ didn't make waterblock for EVGA 1080 FTW so I went with Watercool - equally superb waterblock). I don't recall 3070 waterblock anouncments except maybe for EKWB.
  16. So, it works like that: Every card these days has a power limit of some sort, my has 480W out of factory, FE has 350W. Card measures how much power is drawn through current sensing resistors (shunts). Stock value is 5m ohm if You change it to lower value like 3m ohm, card "thinks" that less power is used so it draws more up to the BIOS limit. For that OC you should pick right card, not every one is capable of withstanding such mod, in 3090 series You have Strix and Kingpin which are top choice (3x 8 pin, no fuses)
  17. I will answer You later how does it work, but for now let’s look at this monster vs evga 1080 FTW Ps. Regarding Your joke, You shortened this story so much it became imposible to enjoy it. Now that You told it as a whole it’s quite funny. In Poland getting 3090 isn’t that hard ca. 10 days waiting time, 3080 is impossible to get maybe in may/june.
  18. I am satisfied with my purchase, just need time to polish some stuff to be even better, there is more performance to gain with better BIOS.
  19. AGESA for Zen 2 was fine after 7 months after release. Now we are waiting for good one for Zen 3. This only applies for enthusiasts, if You run Your system on Auto settings in BIOS than You should be fine, for ex. for now there is no way to run RAM faster than 3600MHz when before Zen3 3800MHz was pretty common, and Zen 3 was said to be able 4000MHz for some of the good chips. PBO/CO overclocking is a mess for now too, I got my 5900X to 5000MHz after long hours of tweaking settings but it shouldn’t take so much time considering it’s only 200MHz over stock. It will get better over time, AMD has
  20. Or My english is bad or else because I cannot figure out what U are asking me Card will be modded, I will replace 5 mili Ohm shunts with 3 mili Ohm ones, I will rise power limit from 480W to ca. 850W, add some SP capacitors on the back.
  21. If the system is mainly for gaming I would stick with Intel, AMD has some work to do (memory latency, AGESA).
  22. I think they made this card having miners in mind. 3060ti is better option. Has more CU clocked lower, but You can OC it in Afterburner
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