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  1. I have rtx3090 and if I turn dev mode on, it constantly shows that I’m restricted by CPU.
  2. Yes You are correct, my mistake, I made assumption that they will port existing airport in greece to MSFS so I assumed that Thessaloniki serves Athens as secondary airport.
  3. It’s been said on FT forums that next airport will be Thessaloniki Airport LGTS, no screenshots yet.
  4. If You bought it from Marketplace You should make refund with MS/Asobo. Marketplace and Orbx Central are two separate „shops”.
  5. @SuperAmadeus it is sim bug, for now notthing can be done about it, we have to wait for sim update.
  6. @wain71 updated 777 is out now, just waiting to be grabbed.
  7. I would buy triple7 first, then Queen of the skies. 777 is more pilot friendly. 747 is out of service, except for freight flights, I love how easy is to land this beast gently, ground effect is strong with this one ;-), but in the end of the day 777 is better in my eyes.
  8. @The Merowinger next time if You want to do screenshot in Windows 10 just press win + printscreen it takes screenshot and saves it to \pictures\Screenshots\ as .png then just drag it here.
  9. @Nick Cooper try this https://i.ibb.co/R9MYHwV/Screenshot-379.png
  10. Just nit picking but on Product page there is an error. It says that min req is Windows 7+ but MSFS 2020 needs at least Windows 10 1909 build. Didn’t check rest of products for that issue.
  11. @bburkley next World Update will be France/Benelux so maybe then Sim will get better ortho. I hope that Asobo will team up with France VFR for this next update.
  12. @franck66 There are dozens of great small airfields, maybe not from Orbx themself but partners, but they are still great. I don’t know who is responsible for „adding” new partners to Orbx Direct, maybe @Ed Correia could answear this, but I suppose that every new entry is well chosen not to degrade quality that is associated with Orbx.
  13. Last scenery by Bill Womack I bought through Contrail that was KPDX.
  14. @Bandit for now 8 core 16 thread CPU is enough. Will it change with DX12, I would like to, but I don’t have high hopes.
  15. It depends if You plan some productivity on in, if not, just MSFS I would go with 10900k overclocked to ca. 5,1GHz (5,3GHz if You get good chip) or even wait for 11900k. Threadripper is wierd option for gaming PC.
  16. and We have UK region airports sales, I should charge for seeing future Bought all of discounted airports, so people can create more awesome stuff.
  17. So after checking, MSFS "gained" 7,5GB of new data with todays update.
  18. @caleb1 Ideally I would like to reduce number of "stores" with addon from whom I buy to 3 ( Orbx, Contrail, Aerosoft)
  19. I'm past 20GB, after updating everything I will report how much more MSFS uses disk space. I really hope that they fixed cgl issue.
  20. I would like to start this topic so everyone can suggest partners to join Orbx Central sales channel. My first recommendation would be : Northern Sky Studio they make some very nice small airports which are so much sought after on this forums.
  21. World update was scheduled for 28th of january then pushed to 2nd of february now we are on 3rd release date, 16th, and getting closer to scheduled date of Sim Update 3 which is 4th of march.
  22. It just astonishes me, how did it made through QC. 1. Asobo releases game 2. Makes marketplace for 3rd party content. 3. „Checks” that 3rd party content for compatibility for 2 weeks. 4. Approves that it WILL work with the game and moves addon to marketplace. 5. Releases update that CTD with addons previously checked for compatibility that supposed to work flawlessly. Pro tip for Asobo, prior to release of any update just check if it works with ALL of the addons from marketplace installed
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