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  1. Release notes:



    total dowload is ca. 32GB (in game 27GB, 5GB in marketplace), excluding MS Store.


    as a nice bonus I got some fps boost after update. Normally I have ca.54fps in CRJ with REX WF, Pilot2ATC and other stuff running in the background now I have constant 60fps @1440p (I have powerful system but extra fps is always welcome).


  2. So, part 2.


    It's time to mount radiators and sensors, that will measure temperatures so I will know some temperature deltas. My current cooling loop consists of 3 radiators (540mm, 480mm, 280mm), 2 pumps, 1 reservior, 1 flow meter, 2 cooling blocks, 5 temperature sensors (Ambient Air temp In, Air temp Out of the case, Water temp In for every radiator and Water temp out for bottom radiator, so I know the temperature of water going into CPU block). Remember as Master Wu says order of components in waterloop does not matter. My order is like: Reservior -> Pump1 -> Pump2-> Flow Meter -> Bottom Radiator -> CPU block -> GPU block -> Top Radiator -> Front Radiator, why? Because it makes routing of tubes easier. Back at the beginning I was measuring water temp at each ratiator outlet, but it was unnecessary, so was water pressure in the loop.


    If You plan on having radiator on top of computer case it's good idea to buy one that has multiple ports, as it will make bleeding air from the loop easier, not to mention routing of the tubes.


    Now, some info on size and thickness of radiator. The longer the radiator the better, going above 60mm of thickness is, from my point of view, suboptimal, You will have to push some serious ammount of air through radiator to see it's benefits, and there is FPI (fins per inch) measure, ca. 10FPI will not restrict airflow as much as 16FPI, but at the same time 16FPI will have more performance. It's a balancing act of having quiet system and cooling performance, especially in summer (where I live 99,9% of households does not have AC). My recommendation for radiators go to HardWareLabs, nice balance of restriction and performance.


    Fans. Use push/pull configuration whenever possible, there is 20+% more performance running rads like this, regardless of fan speed. 2 fans running @750rpm will give you 75% of performance of push only config @1300rpm, while beeing quieter. For radiator use, fans should have good static pressure which is more important than airflow. My recommendation for fans are Noctua PPC-2000 IP67 PWM (IP67 for some water and dust protection, there is non IP67 version if You don't need it) and Gentle Typhoon, sorry no RGB fans here, I don't use them so I cannot recommend any, just search yourself for comparable static pressure/airflow/noise level. I use Noctua for great performance @ reasonable noise levels.


    So, You want great performance watercooling loop, but you have small/medium case, there is solution for You Watercool Mora or even larger solution Aquacomputer airplex GIGANT 3360, which should be enough to run compuer cooling passively without fans.


    If You have some Q I will happily answer them, I probably forgot to write all stuff.





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  3. Hello fellow simmers, I got this idea that I will make a topic where I would share my journey of building, upgrading my current rig.


    Somewhere around 2014 it was time to say goodby to my PC which was Core2duo build in Lian Li case. I wanted new case that will accommodate even the craziest watercooling loop I could imagine. I went with Case Labs SMA8 (sadly they are out of buisness today). So in mid may 2014 it was delivered to me, in pieces. I bought some additional parts for it for example extended top cover so I could run top radiator in push/pull configuration (with it case matches my desk height). At first I thought it will be a challenge to put it together but it wasn't true. Manual was great, fit and finish superb. Everything came together perfectly. This case will serve me decades. Might not be the prettiest but I like industrial/professional looks of it.





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