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  1. @Marcus Nyberg I would buy Yours ESSA day one even if there was free version. Any ETA on Bromma?
  2. Post screenshot with dev mode on, and red graph.
  3. Run MSFS with dev mode on, if on Your current system it constatnly displays mainthread limited, then faster CPU will give You more fps, if it displays GPU Limited then it won’t. how to turn on dev mode: settings-> general -> developer mode -> on
  4. @Ed Correia any update on bringing rest of FT products?
  5. So, part 2. It's time to mount radiators and sensors, that will measure temperatures so I will know some temperature deltas. My current cooling loop consists of 3 radiators (540mm, 480mm, 280mm), 2 pumps, 1 reservior, 1 flow meter, 2 cooling blocks, 5 temperature sensors (Ambient Air temp In, Air temp Out of the case, Water temp In for every radiator and Water temp out for bottom radiator, so I know the temperature of water going into CPU block). Remember as Master Wu says order of components in waterloop does not matter. My order is like: Reservior -> Pump1 -> Pump2-> Flo
  6. @Dadtom65 go to: Start -> Justflight -> PA28 Arrrow III MSFS uninstall
  7. I’m glad to see some eastern european airports.
  8. Hello fellow simmers, I got this idea that I will make a topic where I would share my journey of building, upgrading my current rig. Somewhere around 2014 it was time to say goodby to my PC which was Core2duo build in Lian Li case. I wanted new case that will accommodate even the craziest watercooling loop I could imagine. I went with Case Labs SMA8 (sadly they are out of buisness today). So in mid may 2014 it was delivered to me, in pieces. I bought some additional parts for it for example extended top cover so I could run top radiator in push/pull configuration (with it case matc
  9. Beast is naked. By the weekend I should reinstall it, waterloop will be cleaned during this process.
  10. It's nice to see some fresh look of OrbxDirect but I would like to have forum link on top, so I don't have to scroll to bottom every time I want to look at it. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know if this developer will join Orbx partners? I would like to add Hobart airport to my community folder.
  12. 10 years later someone will get help, eventually.
  13. I paid for whole runway I will use every ft of it BTW. What is the rule, You have to be 60ft above the ground at the end of the runway?
  14. And for those of us who use Firefox here is a guide: https://cameratico.com/color-management/firefox/
  15. You should open support ticket with Gaya on their site, @Raz Goeta should have link for that.
  16. Some settings @ultra settings are just overkill, hard to see any difference between highend, If You could afford You could buy guide to MSFS by @SoFly there is chapter about optimizing settings, good starting point for tweaking. btw here is graphics chart of different GPUs @1440p https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/ms_flight_simulator_(2020)_the_2021_pc_graphics_performance_benchmark_review,7.html
  17. It was 999$ without taxes for reference card.
  18. @David Woodford load times yes, but after loading fps doesn’t go any higher. In my case I start MSFS in the meantime I’m starting to prepare for a flight ( launching Navigraph charts, pilot2atc, volanta, rex, simbrief) before I’m done with it sim could have been launched 3 times out of ordinary SSD.
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