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  1. I was hoping for German speaking countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland because in Navigraph Survey they scored high in popularity, but Scandinavia is great too. @Marcus Nyberg I’m looking @ U for great renditions of Tromsø and Narvik .
  2. Part 3: Pumps, Monitoring/Controling Water Loop and Cable Management Pumps For moving water around PC waterloop we need some sort of water pump. There are basicly 2 options, DDC or D5 waterpumps. There were times when we were using Eheim aquarium pumps, but almost noone is using them today. DDC pumps have higher pressure and are smaller than D5, but they run hotter and louder. I went with D5 for low noise and running temperatures. I consider running 2 pumps in series almost mandatory. One pump may break, and if it dies while on heavy load some damage to CPU or GPU may
  3. @Marcus Nyberg I would buy Yours ESSA day one even if there was free version. Any ETA on Bromma?
  4. On contrary I have no issues after update.
  5. Post screenshot with dev mode on, and red graph.
  6. Run MSFS with dev mode on, if on Your current system it constatnly displays mainthread limited, then faster CPU will give You more fps, if it displays GPU Limited then it won’t. how to turn on dev mode: settings-> general -> developer mode -> on
  7. @Ed Correia any update on bringing rest of FT products?
  8. So, part 2. It's time to mount radiators and sensors, that will measure temperatures so I will know some temperature deltas. My current cooling loop consists of 3 radiators (540mm, 480mm, 280mm), 2 pumps, 1 reservior, 1 flow meter, 2 cooling blocks, 5 temperature sensors (Ambient Air temp In, Air temp Out of the case, Water temp In for every radiator and Water temp out for bottom radiator, so I know the temperature of water going into CPU block). Remember as Master Wu says order of components in waterloop does not matter. My order is like: Reservior -> Pump1 -> Pump2-> Flo
  9. @Dadtom65 go to: Start -> Justflight -> PA28 Arrrow III MSFS uninstall
  10. I’m glad to see some eastern european airports.
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