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  1. KSBA taxiways are all wrong (with the wrong letters). Could you please let us know when this will be fixed? It is annoying when using OnLine real ATC (PilotEdege). Correct taxiways are very important.
  2. Hello, Any update on when the KSBA airport will be update with the correct taxiways letters?
  3. I did the uninstall, reboot PC, install again the KSBA airport from Central... the airport and the details are great. But unfortunately the taxiways identifiers (letters) are ALL wrong.
  4. Thank you Nick, London Landmarks are now correct. I was able to uninstall and re-install it and that did it... In regards of the KSBA Taxiways, could it be the same? Is it possible to uninstall and re-install it from Orbx central (as it was through Central that I purchased it)?
  5. Hi Nick, Thank you for your replay. I will figure out how to paste here some screen shots with the wrong taxiways at KSBA. Could you please let me know how to remove London Landmarks and then replace it? Thanks again, Eloy
  6. Hello, I need help with the Orbx products for MFS2020. I have purchased KSBA and KBUR airports through Orbx Central, the KSBA has all taxiways marks wrong, not sure if there is an update available, Central doesn't give the option to update. According to MFS content manager I have KBUR V1.0.0 and KSBA V0.1.0. Please let me know if these are the latest versions, if not, please let me know how to update. On the other hand, I have purchased EGLC London City Airport and London City Landmarks through MFS marketplace (the landmarks were not good quality), just couple of days ago I noticed
  7. Hello Misha, Could you please let us know if you have a time frame on when an updated KSBA will be available that addresses the taxiway markings? For those (like me) that uses online ATC (PilotEdge) true to life taxiway markings are very important. I purchased this Orbx airport through Orbx Central. Thank you, Eloy
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