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  1. Interesting. I wonder how many quality 3D models there are out there for this plane? He claimed he had the original flight model from Pam Brooker (referenced in many places for the FSX conversion). In any case, looking forward to it. Will it have an Auto-Pilot since it appears to have a Nav Unit? I love the view from the converted one that's in circulation now for MSFS.
  2. Interesting. This explains why User Classicwings78 (MSFS forum) withdrew the Edgely Optica freeware from Flightsim.to. Well, if it's going to be payware,then I'll expect to see a lot of his roadmap implemented in the package. Will it have an auto-pilot?
  3. Well, I cranked the sliders to 90, AND I launched out Guernsey instead of Jersey. St. Peter Port is well populated, I'll have to try it again at lower sliders to see if anything changes, but at least the static traffic is present.
  4. Hi Folks, Back in the saddle after the year end. I did search to see if someone answered this already, but so far no hits. I just tried out the Seafront Simulations Vessels for Channel Isles and I'm wondering how the traffic can be increased? I've already got Leisure and Ship/Ferry Traffic at 50 on each slider, but so far, launching out of Jersey airport, I only see the same half-dozen freighters and sailing vessels. I know there's no plug-in configuration options, but appreciate any thoughts on how to get even close to the product shots (full marinas, etc).
  5. Hi Folks, I see WPP has updated to 1.10, I just launched Orbx Central and verified the files - it's still showing 1.0. Please advise when this update will be distributed through your channel. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I just picked up the Presets last week. I'm still fairly new to the Orbx delivery model. Would your updates be delivered through Central? Would I need to do anything special to trigger the update? Thanks!
  7. More hours are spent now in MSFS to get time behind the various planes, and relearn the Garmin interfaces (and the sim-specific quirks). Still spending some hours in FSX because the IFR environment layer (canned ATC, routing, traffic, etc) is better developed. Still enjoying the Orbx scenery, and the superior Mesh and Elevation, even in the most out-of-the way places which I checked out. PNW and floatplanes - two things the new FS hasn't delivered on, and it's enjoyable just jumping around from dock to dock.
  8. Please see this post by the Administrators: Best practice: Add the user to your Ignore list and delete as Nick states.
  9. Apologies, I couldn't find a way to report a malicious/inappropriate PM from what appears to be a newly registered account. I did send a note with particulars to the only Admin I've interacted with so far on the board. Please let me know how to report this account if you have a system to do so. Thanks. Edited: I found the ... option to Report the PM. Sorry, still figuring out the board's features!
  10. Thank you Nick. Yes, after seeing Configure restored to Global Base using the Registry Fix, I turned my attention back to Vector which would briefly show the Configure button when I selected it in My Products but then it would disappear. That Verify Run finally worked. I tried a Verify last night against both Global Base and Vector, but I guess that Registry Fix on GB had to happen first, then the Verify would work on Vector. Appreciate it - thanks! Please mark solved.
  11. Thanks Nick. I got Global Base to show the configure button and recognize the FSX installation, but Vector refuses to show me a Configure Button now. I followed the order correctly - Global Base install first then Vector.
  12. Looks like it's really quite bad. I just tried Global Base Configuration, it doesn't know about FSX SE either even though it shows it's installed correctly. (Path is correct).
  13. I did run FSX, let it sort through the sceneries, and then shut down Orbx Central and restarted it. No change I'm afraid.
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