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  1. Good news, I think I've come up with a solution! I've passed along the following to Jack @ Pilot Plus so that a formal patch can be created, but this should work in the interim: The problem stems from a "test" material in the materials library. Editing "MaterialLibs/mymaterials/Library.xml" to remove the additional test PBR material fixes the crash to desktop, and I'm now able to fly out of Wycombe with KDEN installed alongside it! I've attached a screenshot of the part of the XML that I removed and a screenshot showing the final product. (Lines 22-41)
  2. Strangely, I have both ENAL (from Orbx Central) and ENVA (from MSFS marketplace) installed and they are both working as expected without any fixes/file removal. I have the steam edition of the premium deluxe. Unrelated to this thread, the only CTD I'm experiencing is with Flightbeam KDEN and Pilot Plus EGTB which are on opposite sides of the earth.
  3. To follow up with my experience I have the Steam edition (premium deluxe) and I only have a problem with KDEN causing the CTD on EGTB. I currently have all of the below addons installed with no problem: Airports EGLC - London City Airport (Orbx) EGNM - Leeds Bradford Airport (Orbx) LGKO - Kos International Airport (Gaya) LOWI - Innsbruck Airport (Orbx) LOWW - Vienna International Airport (Gaya) LOWZ - Zell am See Airport (Gaya) KBUR - Hollywood Burbank Airport (Orbx) KORS - Orcas Island Airport (Orbx) KSBA - Santa Barbara Munic
  4. For me, I am having a crash to desktop when selecting EGTB as well but it only is affected by FlightBeam KDEN. I have no issues with any other addons.
  5. I wanted to follow up by saying that the above fix worked! I'm now getting an extremely high 57fps on ultra at 3840x1600 after renaming the flamingo and seagull folders to add a "_" @Raz Goeta this may be something that needs to be passed on to the Asobo team. After removing these files, the scenery performs beautifully! For those wondering about the steam edition, my folder location to remove the two animals was: AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\asobo-simobjects-animals\SimObjects\Animals
  6. It seems that my processor and GPU utilization both go to around 50% and stay there until the sim is restarted. Spawning in other locations stays at 100% usage which is appropriate. I wonder if it is related to the sim and its interaction with the addon?
  7. I wanted to follow up by saying that I purchased the lovely Vienna airport today, and I get 45 FPS on Ultra at that one, so it seems to only be a problem with the LGKO (KOS) airport. I wonder what could be causing the fps at that location to be less than 20. Also, no matter how far away I fly from KOS the FPS stays extremely low.
  8. Hello, I'm having a problem with the FPS of the recently released KOS airport by Gaya Simulations. I was wondering if there is a solution in the works, or if there is something that I can change on my end. I'm currently running a RTX 2080ti graphics card, 64GB of DDR4 3200 ram, and a 12 core Ryzen9 3900x which is a pretty high end system. Everywhere else in the simulator including all other Orbx sceneries and the Gaya Zell Am See I get between 45-65 fps on Ultra, but at the KOS airport, I only get about 15-23 FPS. I have tried lowering my graphics settings, but that does not have any affect. I
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