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  1. In this stream, I take off from Marco Polo Airport and fly to Florence in the Icon A5. I've made chapters so that you can skip to the airport if you want to.
  2. Ultra-settings. I might have had some clips with high-end because I remember thinking of switching to Ultra in reviews. Hard to use Ultra in a stream or multiplayer when I have 4 monitors, 3 that are showing MSFS. I just took 3 images in Ultra settings for you to see.
  3. Thanks for the clarification, @Nick Cooper! I'll mention it in my review. I was trying to do a live stream from Vigra to Trondheim with both DLCs. Do we know when it should be patched? Sooner or later? Thanks!
  4. Love the cinematics, especially the first shot! Makes it look so real!
  5. Here is my London City Sightseeing Tour on board SizzlingPopcorn Airlines! Enjoy! Full review of the London City Airport and London Landmarks
  6. The reset now gives me the download option in the marketplace. I'll use the assets from Orbx Central instead. @Nick Cooper Please change this to resolved. Thanks!
  7. I'm currently doing a reset on the simulator, so it's deleted everything from community and resetting - not a full uninstall, but it almost looks like it because it's re-downloading/installing the simulator. I won't need to go back to sim default on those assets again and I'll keep them uninstalled on from Orbx Central, hoping the Content Manager brings the two London addons back (so they don't interfere with each other). All other addons I have are through Central, so there shouldn't be an issue. I'll keep you posted. Mid-way through the 100+GB. Talking about libraries. If I were
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