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  1. Hi HeyFred Glad you reported this, no immediate plans to buy one of the new X Boxes that can play FS2020 though did originally have a daft notion of doing that last year. Its PC Flight simulation all the way for me. And so there are indeed different compatibility versions of the Yoke and perhaps Bravo too? No worries here after some early teething problems, my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle work fine in all I do on a PC computer ... they were never going to be useful in the traditional X-Box living room big TV experience, the whole mounting system is designed for traditiona
  2. Hi Derek From UK here, thought the Honeycomb Yokes at least were back in stock here, perhaps not, do have them both now, awesome, did have to pay over the odds for my Bravo throttle on ebay from a scalper who had managed to buy a few of them, but it was either that or do without for a while, no regrets here but I understand your decision if you have a throttle already.
  3. Just another thought Derek. If you do have money burning a hole in your pocket and are satisfied with your PC's performance for now while we wait for these strange times to recover and indeed see hardware prices and availability return to more normal levels (hopefully) then perhaps invest in FS peripherals, or even a nice new big monitor, HoneyComb Yokes and throttle units seem to be back in the stores, great gear. Recently bought RealSim gear GN 430 and 530 and having a lot of fun with these, works in FSX P3D XP11 ... I think FS2020 but not tried it myself in this sim yet.
  4. Hope so I wonder if this is the final LM upgrade for P3D or do they intend to keep it going beyond V5 ? ... pretty sure if they went a V6 it would not be a free upgrade as has been the case with previous versions ... honestly not sure what their road map is ? Just curious how much further they can go with P3D now, just hope my add ons from Orbx and others still continue to work fine with 5.2 and my FS hardware Peripherals.
  5. Good news, will check this out later. Hope it does not break anything else ....
  6. And looking at that motherboard spec, it does not seem so bad if a person is determined to stay Intel, hopefully someone can help Derek out here please. Its CPU specs are ... CPU Intel® Socket LGA1200 for 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors & 10th Gen Intel® Core™, Pentium® Gold and Celeron® Processors Supports Intel® 14 nm CPU Supports Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0** * Refer to www.asus.com for CPU support list. ** Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 support depends on the CPU types.
  7. Hi Derek Congrats on your 79 years, hope I'm still enjoying flight simulation when I reach your age. Firstly, no need to upgrade if you are having fun and seeing decent frame rates in what you do ... more performance is always better of course, but perhaps at diminishing returns, there comes a point where it can seem like throwing money at something for little return. When planning an upgrade for modern flight sims ... or even games, its important to plan a package of suitable parts, set out a base plan. Take stock of your existing parts, what can be used again in new build? what n
  8. I'll be 62 in July, so just 3 and a bit years to go
  9. Back on topic An updated Sim Survey usage would be interesting. As regards Orbx supported sims, not military ones ETC I enjoy too, then ... FS2020, but still surprising even to me, find myself sitting on the fence with it and just take dips in every week or so and after patches ETC to check its progress and its position on the promised road map for it, its got a lot of maturing to do yet, but it does seem to be getting there ... its a keeper ... its our best hope really for the future. Was on early Alph Beta testing for FS2020 too .. shrugs. FSX Acceleration and Steam on a diffe
  10. I'd often thought of trying that. Seen them live several times now, Bruce Dickenson their singer is an amazing guy, flying his band and equipment around the world on tour, first in 757's and then 747 as you say. Hope we can get some Iron Maiden livery's for the jets too.
  11. Thanks Richard, yeah .. actually have a severe spinal disability, did try to fit an underdesk cable tray, but it fell apart, its quite awkward for me to get into tight spaces ... long story Now that things are opening up again covid wise, a friend is going to help sort the wire mess out for me, but I still have some more FS peripherals to add yet.
  12. This is mine, invested a lot into flight simulation over the years I guess Its a work in progress and always refining it. I enjoy Civilian flight sim a lot, GA Aviation flying especially, the type of low flying scenery Orbx provide us with. Like to do some of the modern military sims too, from WW1/WW2 and more modern Combat sims too. Hard to build a home desk unit around that concept and cater for it all I suppose This is my attempt and its ongoing being refined, main idea is quickly detachable modules like Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo units and clip to desk other stuff for diffe
  13. These are fair requests Nick for very, very outstanding upgrades, not just for Sumburgh but some other airports outstanding on P3Dv5 too to products we've paid for in P3D but not been upgraded yet and lost promises that need chasing up. Sumburgh update for P3Dv5 is long overdue as are others, none of us are stupid and all we want is some feedback, repeating its been overlong now. Its good to see Orbx exciting new expansion roadmap, but please dont dump us on platforms we still adore and also false promises well outstanding now on promised upgrades like Sumburgh, this has gone on long eno
  14. Looking good so far. Does your case come with castors fitted as stock? previously had to fit my own, on new case and its a big heavy full tower Cooler Master COSMOS C700P, have still to do this, it sits under my desk and is a bit of a struggle to pull out. I'm same as you too Piotr, not a fan of RGB (no pun intended ) My case has it, motherboard and current AIO cooler, all switched off though, over next two or three months will be upgrading my rig for my first full custom watercooled performance cooling solution, CPU and GPU ... will keep chipset stock cooling, its quite good on my Asus
  15. I think Honeycomb plan to do a mouse pad extension for the Bravo throttle too, might be interested in that here.
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