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  1. Sorry Nick Had almost forgotten about this. Was in a bad way at time, these are not easy times for all of us, however you are famous for non considered dismissive reply that can cause further angst IMHO and was preparing myself for one again, its very rare a company can listen to genuine customer feedback these days ... I understand you are head Mod guy here and have a reputation for no nonsense ETC well loved and respected. People skills are a very rare thing, still working on mine too. It was just a suggestion. Stay safe Nick and sorry once again.
  2. Found my old pics of my TM TPR Damper mod to share. Took a while before I was satisfied to go drilling, getting the right bits and bobs from Amazon/Ebay etc and my spares box too did take a while, wanted to do it right, wanted no play where sleeves and bolts would be, getting the actual steering damper was a joke ... took ages, never noticed I'd ordered from a China dealer and when that parcel did arrive they had sent me a wee charm necklace by mistake ... I'm not joking! All came right in the end though My Damper mod might look different from others angle wise you will see on the net,
  3. An example of how I modded my Thrustmaster TPR's with a Motorcycle steering damper, its important if you decide to to this, measure twice and cut once ... that's an old saying we had in the oil rig fabrication industry in Scotland, what you want is to have the damper have a little slack at both ends with the rudders at full yaw movement left and right ... this guy never quite managed that, for dedicated Helicopter flying you can remove the middle springs and the pedals will stay as they are, tried it, awesome, 99.9% of what I do is normal fixed wing aircraft though, so kept the TPR stock sprin
  4. Went direct Windows Store for FS2020, upon release knew it was going Steam too, both stores are clunky IMHO, LOL, for normal stuff I prefer Steam, but since this was a Microsoft release went with their store ... both work, despite what folk say You can buy Orbx add ons from within FS2020 marketplace or separately from Orbx direct, buy them direct from Orbx myself.
  5. You've done your homework there Pete, well done mate. Great post, its not just that easy for many of us and why we choose the hardware we do I guess? Or at least for me I suppose? I did choose my recent PC hardware upgrade with FS2020 in mind, but also DCS that is going to go through big changes soon that can use more cores and GPU grunt. Different Sims have different results, they also evolve fast too. Military and Civil Aviation ones and we all use our CPU and GPU's for more than just flight simulation, pretty sure about that my friend. My advice for anyone upgrading hardware now or
  6. Hi Donka, good to see from your sig you have your FS rig in action. Virpil wise, have two of their stick bases, one is on the seat and this is for my TM Warthog grip with short extension ... stock TM Warthog base is awful compared to it, second Virpil stick base, both are VPC MongoosT-50 Base's, the older model and new one too CM-2 I think and that is the one seen in background with curved extension for central mounting on desk and Monstertech mounting that can quickly be moved in when needed with its quick clamping mechanism, this has the newer TM Hornet grip on top. MY TM Warthog throt
  7. Hi Renault and thanks. DadTom explained the Honeycomb Yoke lighting very well ... its just for bling I suppose? it doesn't help illuminate the yokes switches or anything like that unfortunately in a darkened room on night flights, there is a little dimmer switch at back of Yoke that goes from full bright Red to nothing. I keep it off normally. However... Its a good Yoke, best I've tried that are affordable whilst still retaining multiple switches ETC that we really need in computerised Flight Sim IMHO, Tried the CH Yokes and both versions of Saitek yoke inc Cessna one over the years, thi
  8. Owned the Honeycomb Yoke for some time now, used it and tested it but set it aside when I learned they were producing a Bravo Throttle Quadrant too. Best Yoke I've ever used though. As the Bravo throttle quads became available for the first batch felt sure I would be in there, but no ... ordered from a German dealer on Amazon, same place/dealer I ordered my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke from, they were and still are in hot demand I suppose and we cant blame the Miners for this I guess The Pandemic has taken a terrible toll on factory production all over the world for just about everything and
  9. Nice Rig Bandit, built an AMD 5950X, 64GB ram, RTX 3090 rig ETC recently and its a sheer pleasure still to press the start button and enjoy Flight sim of all sorts still. No Regrets here, enjoy.
  10. Totally fed up of the forums Here now with Nicks Bullying
  11. Thats me told Will never share another good price for hardware that benefits Orbx in the long run here ever again Your going to be busy moderating again Nick Half the posts on here need moderated after this decision of yours ... why cant you just let some things slide for once in your life Nick and stop the bullying? We all love Orbx and your harsh attitude was once fun, but now it grinds, times change Nick, keep up please
  12. It does not need to be official, can do it here in this thread if that's OK please. Not asking for a sticky. Basically we have done this in many threads here already many times over, the one with the topic here went into discussion of how best to find new PC hardware like new AMD Ryzen CPU's and Nvidia GPU's too, this is why community's thrive IMHO, they share ... its thanks to Donka on here I managed to get my NV RTX 3090X as quick as I did ... was looking in all the wrong places ... was honestly in a rut for a bit and only looking at 1 or 2 usual retailers I'd been using for years ... my
  13. Yep, seemed like a good idea at time, decided against it, quality bit of kit I bet though. Still semi considering one, but have a bunch of older Saitek FIP's, makes more sense to use one of those as a Compass for now.
  14. Also worthy of note perhaps, Motherboard I use for my build and 5950 X got a new BIOS for my Asus Crosshair VIII Hero just the other day, hard to imagine it might have made a difference to my CPU temp, but it might have helped too with my other recent tweaks? This new 3204 BIOS is just days old, and was applied with my other tweaks to lower my CPU idle temps ... whatever I've done seems to be working and it still bursts to an undocumented over 5.GHz when pushed. Keep an eye on the new Ryzen Motherboard BIOS's lads, when they ... The new Ryzens were first introduced we were always told it
  15. Thanks PiotrMKG, spent a good few hours looking at my Corsair AIO 360 setup and doing research yesterday and came out of it without changing any hardware or undervolting and a much cooler running Ryzen 5950X now and extremely pleased about that ... really do want to run this rig at stock everything for foreseeable future and glad now with your prompts to have looked at things again and temps are lower now for idle and at full ramp ... it just took a little more understanding of my Corsair AIO package and its capability's software wise, their manual for the cooler is so basic. Was going to b
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