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  1. Or the fact KPBI was previewed with KSJC over a year ago but KSJC actually made it out before MSFS was released
  2. Been waiting a long time for Palm Beach. Looking forward to flying in with KPBI on top of TE Florida!
  3. Looks like we finally have some good news! Of course we don’t know how long it’s gonna be at this point but at least KPBI is still on it’s way!
  4. @Rickinferno we’ve got another thread going-counting the number of folks waiting for KPBI... You’d be #10... Gonna also post in there some arrival videos and pics and such to try and keep the hype train rolling.
  5. I’m about to upload an arrival video to KPBI with ATC@Theflyinggazelle I’ll post it here for you when it’s finished.
  6. Hope springs eternal my friend. Stay hopeful.
  7. Well... Then that makes you the 6th one I’ve talked to in a week anyhow... Everyone at my VA on P3D/XP will buy it for sure... 6x~$34.95AUD=We’ve broken the $200AUD mark I think! edit: let’s try to get it past 10!
  8. I believe I’ve heard there’s a file for this or a file that can turn it off. I presume they show up more vividly at night yes?
  9. There is a 5th guy in my VA who asked me on discord about it the other day. I can’t post exactly what he said here It’s been 1 year and 19 days (384 days) since it was first teased along with KSJC which at least made it out of the gate prior to FS2020. So 5 guys waiting... That’s at least gotta be $150AUD if the KPBI scenery is around $30AUD
  10. Someone smarter than me can probably help better-but for my setup with TE Florida and my payware/addon airports-I believe I have renamed the ADE/CVX/PLC.bgl files (not 100% on the PLC btw) BGL’s to ADE.bgl.off and that will fix your issue. Search in the FTX NA folder for the addon airport code (KTPA in this case-you’ll find 3 bgl files-iirc it’s a CVX, ADE and PLC. If you rename those to .off you should be good
  11. Wondering if I could get some assistance/advice on getting the brightness of TE Florida down a bit without completely changing my HDR settings down. TEFL on my machine is super saturated even with my Saturation down at like 80 and brightness at 1.0 I’ve played with it a bit and can’t find anything to get it situated. It looks amazing but of course some of my VA buddies call it lava flow Florida. I don’t use envshade-can’t find a happy settings medium there that I like, I use envtex, asca, ASP3D. Will post a couple screens when I get back to the PC
  12. Surely there’s more than 3 of us waiting. I wonder how many they’d sell if they released it tomorrow
  13. Join the club man. I’ve inferred a bit from reading stuff around here that the team (Orbx U.K. team iirc) that is/was working on KPBI has been slid over to work on other stuff at the moment. Last they said it was “coming when it’s ready” But that was back in January...
  14. Well... If you go back a ways in the forums here... It’s been “almost ready” several times and clearly there’s anticipation for it.
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