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  1. LOL! The only current gen stuff is MSFS. And neither Lockheed for Austin have the resources to catch up as we all know. #gameover
  2. You do not need any app whatsoever to "manage" your scenery and mods. In fact there are very good reasons not to be clicking on some random EXE when you can learn to manage your Community folder yourself.
  3. Hilarious. MSFT quickly sold over a million copies of MSFS after its release and the Xbox version is nowhere to be found. Their return to flight simming has nothing whatsoever to do with the Xbox. And you do realize that all companies that stay around long enough to make products (of any kind) are motivated primarily by "their own profit," and that Orbx has promoted their "partnership" with Asobo/MSFT and the latter has made a video about it, right? And when did the beloved old Aces Studio EVER give us free new World Updates that included handcrafted (by well-known developers) airports? I have
  4. C'mon now Preston. They just today released a brand new roadmap. Don't you think they would have mentioned those if they had any news whatsoever about them?
  5. They are compatible. Don't you think the thousands of us who have installed would be complaining here if it wasn't? "I don't see any compatibility switch in the Central!" You realize that when you put an exclamation point in a statement like that, it's rather the same as putting it in ALL CAPS, right? Step 1... Choose the London City Pack from Central: 2. Click on the Configure button. Choose the setting that is best for you and then Save Changes. The good news is that Orbx is working on a new version that will b
  6. Just keep some perspective. Two million people are not flying around London. They did the entire Earth. That's a massive undertaking. They are also adding free airports with every world update, updating scenery and points of interest, adding new challenges, new features like VR, and yes, trying to swat bugs. All at the same time. And yet if you watch all the Youtube and Twitch streamers, they've been posting videos successfully with few hiccups for months. That's not a beta quality release, nor are there a striking amount of major issues (again, the streamers wouldn't be able to stream if ther
  7. Sorry, but you are wrong. Orbx does not have any control whatsoever over how Microsoft runs its marketplace or when Microsoft puts out new product or updates. You chose to purchase from Microsoft. Your apparent anger needs to be directed at them since Orbx has provided the fix to Microsoft and it is Microsoft that is dragging its feet. Every single company (Flightbeam, Aerosoft, etc.) that sells on the Marketplace has the same issues with Microsoft -- this is not unique to Orbx and they literally cannot do anything about it. And MSFT does not share customer info with their partners either.
  8. Of course it would be very annoying for those of us who don't to have an empty airport. Hopefully changes will be made by Asobo that allow us and/or the airport developer to configure that setting to our liking.
  9. London looks amazing and I'm looking forward to even more new structures in the next update. Thanks Orbx! "A nice thing is that now you can fly through the London Bridge" That's Tower Bridge. London Bridge is the next one down (past the HMS Belfast). And I've been flying through it since day one with crash detection off. " just Reinstalled Orbx London City pack , and i realized that the London eye , Rotates !! Before the update it wasn't !" As an FYI, that's from the Asobo UK update. Everyone gets that beauty.
  10. The promised "week (or less)" has come and gone with no word on progress. Any news, Orbx? Note that I am not at all upset about the London Pack. I understand completely what has happened and simply would like an update. I'm sure I'll be happy with your update whenever it is released.
  11. RTX 2060 here. Installed MSFS at midnight Kiribati time on August 18th. Used the then-current Nvidia drivers for about a week until Nvidia released new ones that had fixes specifically for MSFS. Documented an immediate improvement in frame rate. Kept using that driver until last week when I updated to 461.09. I only updated because I finally updated to Windows 10 20H2 and figured why not? Didn't notice any change but MSFS continues to work without issue for me. Most of us realize that driver updates always include both fixes and breaks. I prolly won't update my graphics drivers for at least an
  12. I have London and just purchased Paris while composing this message! Unless my framerates are cut in half, I won't complain about performance. Especially since I only have 16 GB of RAM (I know I need more). What I have seen in screenshots here and in a video on Youtube, Orbx's Paris looks better than what I remember of real-life Paris! Great job fellas! Just out of curiosity, is there anyone here who believes that an add-on such as this that adds hundreds of modelled buildings should not impact your framerate? By that I mean do you expect your CPU and GPU to be to render all of th
  13. Support for that scenery is from the developer here: https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=32 That issue is noted as a result of the last update from Asobo. They are awaiting a fix: https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=508&start=90
  14. That's her sister. Not a realism killer. And boy have we come a long way when the top airport complaint is the people inside the airport!
  15. After seeing a review of the Las Vegas scenery, my first thought was: I wonder if Orbx could animate the London Eye. Granted, it doesn't move very fast in real life, but it would be cool for a future update. But as I've said elsewhere, I am very happy with London Landmarks now and look forward to Paris!
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