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  1. As MSFS matures and moves to DirectX 12, it will be able to effectively use more than 4 cores (this was covered in one of their development update videos about a week ago). Then there are all the things people increasingly run outside of their sim to enhance the experience. I would want to have more than 4 going forward, but sixteen threads/cores is probably overkill. AMD has been playing catch-up to Intel for decades. The jump on that ship during their brief ascendency is probably short-sighted. And for what it is worth, NVidia has completely left AMD in the dust on both drivers/s
  2. That's great to know, Wolf. Thanks for letting us all know. I'll be waiting for the yearly Orbx Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale myself. "Life rewards those who wait for Cyber Monday." (Abraham Lincoln)
  3. Asobo writes that code within MSFS, not Microsoft. But regardless, you are splitting hairs for no apparent reason other than to troll. So now you get a sad face. Consider it a free upgrade.
  4. I cannot see any discounts for the MSFS products on the homepage or in Orbx Central. I hope that isn't the case for Black Friday. I was looking forward to getting a number or airports and Sydney this winter.
  5. It's not an issue. MSFS only shows items actually purchased through the Marketplace as owned or installed. That actually is a change from the original August 18th release as I purchased London Landmarks direct from Orbx and it showed as owned and installed in MSFS. But it doesn't anymore and it won't in the future. Asobo could "fix" this, but it is impossible for Orbx to fix it. MSFS shows what it wants to show in the Marketplace and Orbx has no way to change that.
  6. The Content.xml file has them in the order in which they will be utilized, and is not in alphabetical order.
  7. You need an airliner to fly into Bryce Canyon airport??? And if not, why even bring that up here?
  8. This thread exists as clickbait and demands to be trolled. And it won't age well (even worse than P3D and XP11.5). I paid an inexpensive $60 for it, and it's a bargain as I get all the weather and terrain I'll ever want for free with that along with free updates that will include VR, seasons, and helicopters in the first six months alone. I'll will bite my tongue on the rest of what I have to say since it obvious to anyone who has been enjoying what is clearly the best simulator of any type in the history of the known universe.
  9. Wow! That was unexpected! "This is the first of several airport projects we have in development for this scenic corner of the US; be sure to keep an eye on our social media and forums over the coming week for more details and information." Sounds like we can expect more unexpected wonders of the West. I have seen a Monument Valley freeware add-on that will be awesome with these new airports.
  10. Note that their testing was done just hours before the performance patch was released. But presumably the patch will improve performance fairly equally between the two cards. But anyone thinking they will got a 50% or more increase in FPS with a 3080 are sadly mistaken. My 2060 is fine; I'm not wasting $799 that's for sure!
  11. Awesome! So glad Tegel lasted long enough to make it into MS Flight Simulator. Kind of amazing considering Berlin-Brandenberg was supposed to replace it as early as 2012! Apparently Tegel will close for good in November. It does make me wonder what Bing Maps will do in the future to this area. "Future plans also involve the redevelopment of Berlin Tegel Airport into the Urban Tech Republic, 221 hectares (550 acres) of building land will be available for up to 800 companies with some 17,500 employees in the Research and Industrial Park alone." An update may be necessary to complete
  12. Of course you could always report these anomalies to Asobo on the Flight Simulator forums. They will fix them in due time. But only if they are reported. Earth is quite large to get 100% accurate.
  13. When you have the Orbx London Scenery, you are seeing a mix of new buildings that Orbx has modeled as well as those that are either autogened from AI or handcrafted by Bing/Asobo. When the first release of Orbx London Scenery came out, there was backlash because some of the buildings were of much lessor detail than what was already in the game. Orbx responded by removing some of their buildings, including Tower Bridge and The Dome (they also added a few things, including a stadium). The alternative would have been to try to make those buildings as high quality as Asobo's. But why do that? Asob
  14. The Dell 486 I bought for my mother in 1993 was $2995. That's $5300 adjusted for inflation. Can you imagine dropping $5K today on PC? I bought one of the first Windows acceleration video cards (Diamond Viper) back in 1993 for $299. That's $545 today, or more than I ever have, or will, spend on a video card again! I just bought an Alienware i7-9700 with 16GB RAM, 256GB Samsung M.2 SSD and Nvidia RTX 2600 6GB GDDR6 (and a few other things) for ~$800 in July direct from Dell. Skyrocketing costs of hardware? LOL!!!! Adjusted for inflation PCs have never been cheaper and of
  15. Yeah, and it's not like P3D is licensed by Lockheed for fun/home use. I have had a lot of fun flying around landing and taking off wherever I wanted to in any weather (I tried to take off from Courchevel with 150 MPH crosswinds in a blizzard and was immediately throw into trees!), flying through the middle of Tower Bridge, etc. It's already the most enjoyable sim, and the greatest VFR sim ever created, and after a few more bug fixes and free updates (seasons, helicopters), will be the best sim of any kind ever made. And I think we can all agree 2020 can definitely use a silly seas
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