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  1. Support for that scenery is from the developer here: https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=32 That issue is noted as a result of the last update from Asobo. They are awaiting a fix: https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=508&start=90
  2. That's her sister. Not a realism killer. And boy have we come a long way when the top airport complaint is the people inside the airport!
  3. After seeing a review of the Las Vegas scenery, my first thought was: I wonder if Orbx could animate the London Eye. Granted, it doesn't move very fast in real life, but it would be cool for a future update. But as I've said elsewhere, I am very happy with London Landmarks now and look forward to Paris!
  4. LOL! Well, anyway... I love my London Landmarks and I will purchase Paris the moment it becomes available for purchase. I have no idea what cities you will do next, but I eagerly await the announcements. When I first saw MSFS on Youtube, I thought I'd buy a few airports but couldn't imagine buying non-airport scenery. Thanks for proving me wrong and congrats on taking your scenery to the next level.
  5. Just flew through the illuminated Tower Bridge at night for the first time. The London pack with this update has lived up to my original expectations of it and I'm very happy with it. This coupled with Microsoft giving us a free UK World update in January is great news for Anglophiles. Thank you for the update, Orbx!
  6. I've watched every episode of all 20 seasons of Air Crash Investigation (aka Mayday). I've read several books on air disasters. I love your video and was unfamiliar with this accident. I would watch any similar videos you might create. Well done! And thanks for making it available in multiple languages.
  7. The ones I was hoping to be on sale weren't. Well, there's always next Black Friday.
  8. Last year: https://fselite.net/deals-offers/black-friday-sales-round-up-2019/ "Orbx is offering 50% off on almost their entire library."
  9. Yes, and it is acknowledged over in the official Flight Sim forums.
  10. I think we can all agree that those who are forced to use XP11 (Macintosh and Linux users) will continue to do so for many years to come, providing developers with a small amount of income for their efforts. Virtually everyone else is already using MSFS or will be within 12 months, providing devs with far more income now and in the future for their endeavors. There really isn't any need to argue about any of this. It is just the new normal.
  11. As MSFS matures and moves to DirectX 12, it will be able to effectively use more than 4 cores (this was covered in one of their development update videos about a week ago). Then there are all the things people increasingly run outside of their sim to enhance the experience. I would want to have more than 4 going forward, but sixteen threads/cores is probably overkill. AMD has been playing catch-up to Intel for decades. The jump on that ship during their brief ascendency is probably short-sighted. And for what it is worth, NVidia has completely left AMD in the dust on both drivers/s
  12. That's great to know, Wolf. Thanks for letting us all know. I'll be waiting for the yearly Orbx Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale myself. "Life rewards those who wait for Cyber Monday." (Abraham Lincoln)
  13. Asobo writes that code within MSFS, not Microsoft. But regardless, you are splitting hairs for no apparent reason other than to troll. So now you get a sad face. Consider it a free upgrade.
  14. I cannot see any discounts for the MSFS products on the homepage or in Orbx Central. I hope that isn't the case for Black Friday. I was looking forward to getting a number or airports and Sydney this winter.
  15. It's not an issue. MSFS only shows items actually purchased through the Marketplace as owned or installed. That actually is a change from the original August 18th release as I purchased London Landmarks direct from Orbx and it showed as owned and installed in MSFS. But it doesn't anymore and it won't in the future. Asobo could "fix" this, but it is impossible for Orbx to fix it. MSFS shows what it wants to show in the Marketplace and Orbx has no way to change that.
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