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  1. Have you looked in Event viewer to see if the freeze or crash is being logged? usually in Admin tools, but there is another way to look at the events, which lists specific programs, and is easier than trolling through events to find some related to FSX. 1. open control panel. (or just type action centre in search) 2. Select action centre 3. Select Maintenance pull down tab. 4. From drop down options, select ‘view reliability history’ 5. A graph type thing will appear, down the bottom, select ‘view all problem reports’ 6. A list will appear with easy to read sections on everything, in
  2. try this, right click on small speaker lower taskbar. select playback devices. click on speakers with green tick, ( ie. what your using ).. select properties. select Advanced, from pull down list, change to 16bit 48000 hz DVD Quality. Ok and exit. Reason: a recent windows update changed the direct sound of direct X somehow, and most noticed on FSX Steam version, some issues reported, lowering the above setting seemed to work on some things. worth a try, Ron.
  3. Here is a photo of approach from other end, looks very high too. http://www.airliners.net/photo//1119352/&sid=404806df454c1154e85e47fb2bf8b9bb Usually ILS approaches give inner marker, middle marker, and outer marker indicators. These have altitudes on the plate to confirm glide slope. Those with published DME approaches also give distance and altitude. some cross checking can confirm correct glide slope. ( ie. when marker audio and/or light comes on, check altitude.) Tim, If the final 1.8 miles are unusable, then it is very likely that autopilot coupled ILS approaches are NOT
  4. something worth trying. http://support.microsoft.com/mats/Program_Install_and_Uninstall/en-us Ron.
  5. Spirit is on the right track here, you have to fully extract all files from the zip to a folder somewhere, then as he states; run installer from there as admin. The issue is; you now have 2 things taking up space, the zip file you downloaded, and also the extracted files which will be even larger. So with the limited space you have, I can suggest you delete the downloaded zip file once it has been extracted to give you some room to install. There are other ways to get some space back, reduce size of recycle bin etc. delete all but last restore point, check in downloads for large
  6. Are you sure you are fully 'extracting' the zip files to another folder and running the .exe from there? Ron
  7. It really is quite easy to extend, plug in the new drive. start computer. It should be recognised in computer management as disk 1, unallocated space. ( check it's there, and reads unallocated space ) C: drive should be disk 0. ( boot, healthy etc.) right click on C: drive ( disk 0 ) and start wizard to extend, select the disk 1 to extend to, and choose how much space to use. windows will just see it as C: drive. This can be done with as many drives as your system can use, so you can add more drives later. Ron.
  8. If your not comfortable with creating links, Why not simply 'extend' your FTX drive and add the new drive with same drive letter. Windows will see both drives as one, with the double capacity. It used to be called 'mounting a volume' in XP. Now called, 'extending a volume' easily done in disk management. Lots of tutorials out there on extending volumes, and you can specify how much space to use on the new drive, or all of it. here's one to extend system volume, similar to extend any drive ; http://www.wikihow.com/Extend-System-Volume Google is your friend here if you de
  9. For houses and trees in water, have a look at this thread; http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/61832-ftx-global-install-isuue/?hl=%2Btrees+%2Band+%2Bhouses+%2Bin+%2Bwater Ron.
  10. What I've found at my end is; When you get to the part to select BBCODE, and instructed to copy and paste, make sure the at beginning and end is removed. No idea why, but it does not work for me unless I do this. Ron.
  11. Hi Richard, Looks to me as if your graphics settings are not right, for example, I don't see any Anti Alaising in use, and maybe your resolution too. Check in FSX display settings and make sure resolution is set correctly, ie. something like 1920 x 1080 X 32. if that's the max for your monitor. If not using Nvidia graphics, I can't advise, but if so, use Inspector to get the display right. Use this guide to set it up. http://www.simforums.com/Forums/drivers-nv-inspector-fsxcfg-complete-guide_topic36586.html As Alex said above, some system specs would help. Ron.
  12. Not actually correct, (loading the files to where?) There is quite a bit of activity when first loading a program, especially a new scenery like Orbx. default textures and autogen is backed up and replaced, configeration files are updated and written to quite a few places on the C: drive, no matter where FSX is installed, eg. C:Program data\microsoft\fsx C:users\{your name}\appdata\local\microsoft\fsx C:users\{your name}\appdata\local low\microsoft\fsx and one we all know, \appdata\""roaming'' where the fsx.cfg file is. Mostly small .cfg files, autogen .cfg, scenery caches et
  13. Hi Robert, As Nick say's, that's not a lot of free space, even though you'd think 70 gig would be heaps for FSX. but there are other factors. Some other cleanup tips; 1. right click on recycle bin, >properties, reduce the size to 2-3% or about 5 gig , the default is around 85+gig, way too big for 1tbt drive. 2. Go back to disk cleanup, this time select 'more options' tab, remove all but last restore point. 3. open contol panel, >programs and features, have a look at all installed programs, see anything you don't use any more, or don't need? If so remove. 4. open 'downlo
  14. Hi Robert, just to add to Andreas, when you open C:/ drive properties, could you tell us how much free space it is showing? Ron.
  15. Hi Pete, Have a look at this thread, http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/61832-ftx-global-install-isuue/?hl=%2Btrees+%2Band+%2Bhouses+%2Bin+%2Bwater
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