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  1. Ive just joined up! cant believe i missed this announcement
  2. Thanks all, im hitting 50-70fps around the scenery too so nice to fly around
  3. LOWZ Zell am See Airport Zell am See is a small airport tucked away in the Alps, approximately 100km away from Salzburg. It’s a general aviation field with aircraft of up to 5.7 tonnes allowed to land on its 664 metre long asphalt runway. Alongside the sealed runway, two more smaller grass strips are also contained within the grounds. The perfect location for scenic GA flying and soaring, Zell am See proves to be a great base for mountain training - combine that with the excellent vegetation features seen in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the two meld for an impeccable product.
  4. awesome shots... how do i change my reg of the aircraft??
  5. yes exactly that, impressive work on the camera defaults
  6. I have seriously taken some screenshots since monday, due to the fact i was in Kiribati for release... but my lord... Orbx... this area, is amazing...
  7. ah i was playing about far too much with the reshade stuff before and decided to call it quits, then after reinstalling but not fully deleting the folder i still had traces of what it had installed before, so decided it uninstall fully and delete the folder and start from a scratch version of vulkan b17, reinstalled one by one the addons and went inside, entered serial numbers etc got it working fine, and a week later im happy with the results and all scenery seems to be working well
  8. Absolutely incredible Orbx has come a long way the last 13 years, masters of flight simulation addons. Incredible
  9. So here we go.... as some of you may be aware, ive recently changed forum name to my real name from "WINDOWSEAT", Ive reinstalled xplane twice this week, and added another 1tb SSD, so been a busy week as you can imagine with all the addons etc, pleased to say, its looking great finally.... Heres a few using FLORIDA HD;
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