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  1. Dear Orbx Team, i am using the volanta 1.0.0 plug-in for xplane 11.51 on a Apple M1 MBP (Arm based Chip) running macOS 11.1. Everytime i close/exit X-Plane it crashes. Only when i remove the volanta plugin, it runs/shutdown smooth again! I am not sure, if this is the right place to report such a bug, but if it is not, maybe you can kindly forward it or let me know, where to put this info!? - Many thanks!! best regards, Tom PS: log file attached (just launched xplane to main menu screen & closed it again!) volanta-crash-Log.txt
  2. Hi there, first of all, many thanks for bringing all the good stuff to MSFS that quick. Regarding your wonderful LOWI scenery, i did come across a few things, most of them already mentioned here somewhere: • wrong PAPI 08 • floating lights • inaccurate mesh -> eg the famous and well known “Martins Wand” • artifacts in the city one thing i haven’t seen here, is a floating windsock at LOJO, the helipad on the southern side of the Airport! again, many thanks for your nice work here! can’t wait to see what the next update holds for us! cheers, Tom
  3. To be fair, that happens IRL too. I have seen not only one diversion from LOWI, due to more than 10kts tailwind on BOTH RWYs at the same time! EDIT: though you are most likely right, this being a sim bug
  4. Same here! Even after the last update! i also have a floating windsock at LOJO (the Helipad at the airport)
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