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  1. This is the first I've heard of Kern Valley and after looking at it I'm wondering. Will Orbx be developing "TrailerParkFlow"?
  2. I'm as horrified as everyone else by this capitalistic move of Orbx in pursuit of the almighty dollar as others so eloquently put it! Orbx has done nothing but cause me misery ever since I first discovered them, from ramming high quality scenery down my throat to forcing free updates on me when I changed Sims. Twice! If they don't start putting humanity and their customers first and move exclusively to a mail order catalog base where they can spread their (my) wealth to hundreds more delivery drivers, postal workers, and others I will simply take my business elsewhere!
  3. You guys are releasing so.e beautiful airports in the NCA region now. Any chance you're working on or are planning to do Trinity Center Airport? To my untrained eye it appears to be secluded enough to minimize autogen building placement, and is right on a beautiful reservoir that would make a great shorelines me photoreal. http://www.tcpilots.org/airports/O86.html
  4. Absolutely! I very rarely use the airports that are further than about 45 minutes in a 172 from other Orbx airports, because although they are beautiful, I like to hop between and explore the scenery along the way. On that note, I'd love to see Garberville, Ells Field, and Ukiah do e in full Orbx glory. That would complete an awesome chain from Sonoma to Murray that could compete with the Darrington/Orcas run!
  5. Ditto ^. This looks amazing and I'll definitely pick it up, but those boats are seconds from disaster! Better motor out first and get some sea room.
  6. After hearing rumors that Prepar3d V3 is in the works and now that Dovetail is planning a new simulator, I find myself wondering how all the hard work Orbx has done will fit into the next generation. I'm certainly hoping that any major new release will include things like higher resolution textures, more realistic textures, improved vector accuracy, higher quality mesh, more visually accurate autogen, etc.. to keep it "as real as it gets". Basically, other than airports, all the features Orbx has brought to us in FSX and P3d already to upgrade our simulators will probably, hopefully, be pr
  7. Thanks Alex, and Jarrad! This was a very pleasant surprise!
  8. As a firefighter, I believe the actions of the responders here were uncalled for. The drone was not interfering with their work in any way but their choice to be distracted and waste time and resources delayed them from accomplishing useful and relevant tasks. The operator has every right to be upset and expect damages to be paid.
  9. The Fiji islands, or if you're going farther afield, some of the Aegean islands, or the Falklands.
  10. Wow! I am always amazed by how Orbx scenery always looks better and better, but you risk making your earlier amazing work "obsolete". How's that for a high class problem?
  11. Wow! This will have to join New Zealand as an Orbx scenery outside NA that I want to fly in so bad I just have to buy it!
  12. A2A C172 and RealAir Scout. It's a tossup between them which I fly more. I also fly the Aerosoft Discus glider to keep up on my soaring skills. I don't fly any larger aircraft though. I'm a low-and-slow or low-and-fast guy. The Carenado C337 is the largest aircraft I fly on a regular basis.
  13. How about some winter shots? Seriously though, my grandparents lived in Palm Springs for about 20 years. I vividly remember riding the tram with my grandpa and Orbx has captured the view very well! Especially the squares of green where they water the grass, and the stark contrast with the non irrigated areas surrounding. I enjoyed flying into there as a kid as well because I thought it was so neat to actually get off the aircraft onto stairs and walk into the terminal, instead of using a jetway like every other airport I ever flew into commercially.
  14. I have had the Saitek yoke for about 4 years now, and I had the CH Products yoke for at least 7 years before that. I prefer the Saitek unit, but I'd have a hard time quantifying exactly why so it's probably just an individual thing. I do think it's smoother and I do not have the dead space issue others have mentioned. I also like having the throttle separate from the yoke base. I keep it mounted next to my trim wheel. I chose the Pro Flight over the Cessna version because I wanted more buttons on my yoke. I somehow missed at the time that the Cessna yoke turns the full 90 degrees each way
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