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  1. I have installed and uninstalled the on line version of FS X from Steam because my Windows 10 would not run the disk version, Steam's version does work but not fully and I have re installed it about three times and it takes a long time to load again, but I still end up with just the Virtual cockpit view and no option to change it to 2 D which I find is really necessary to operate some of the panel switches. Pressing Shift + 1 does show the 2 d version but as an overlay, the virtual cockpit remains on the screen and it makes a mess of trying to use it this way, going back some years when you changed from virtual to 2 D the first view was deleted, Also the panellights (Shift + L ) will not work but the outside and the screen is so dark you can hardy see the dials but the main navgation lights do swith on and off, I have reset the defaults in every area I can think of. My windows 10 has also been re installed a couple of times as well for other reasons and is fully updated, but it seems to me that the Steam version never fully loads correctly, contacting their help dept only results in them refering me back to Microsoft as it is not their software Has anyone any ideas what I can do short of deleteing the game and substituting a different Simulation maker ?
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