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  1. have the same issue, but also the same issue Gumby noted above of no AI road traffic around the concourse cheers Dave
  2. The new FTX Central and libraries fixed all my issues within NZ, so thank you for your hard work guys. Cheers Dave
  3. Hmmmm, Phillipines, large nickel producer, has buffalo, had an American base ..... Do I win a prize yet?
  4. I don't quite understand your reasoning here? Adrian sells a lot of other titles (hardware too) as well ..... not just ORBX material. Flightsim Store has been around for years (before ORBX I think), look at the top sellers this week, 8 of the 10 products are 'not' ORBX titles. Adrian is a good operator (who I will continue to support), please don't write his eulogy yet ;-) Cheers Dave
  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Jaycee, it's most appreciated and perhaps obvious when it comes to 'unchecking the scenery library'. Best Regards Dave
  6. Thanks for replying Graham, sorry, would you please be able to guide my on how you disable a traffic programme .... Do you mean uninstall? cheers Dave
  7. Hi Folks, I am not sure if I should have posted this in here or the 'Compatibility' sub forum. Firstly, thanks for the P3D v 3 FTX Ai Traffic update. I am sure I read on here once before that you need to delete some 'My Traffic 6' .bgl files to avoid doubling up of traffic with the ORBX package? The reason I ask is that I like using the ORBX package for 'Oceania' and My Traffic 6 can populate the rest of the world so to speak. Thanks for any assistance Kind Regards Dave
  8. I got my licence in ZK-TAS Adam ................. around 2001/2 from memory cheers Dave
  9. I have been running 4k for a while now, no great frame drop off in my opinion with FSX. Just switched to P3D and the new version is amazing Cheers Dave
  10. unless I am mistaken, I downloaded the new installer (approx. 30MB) yesterday from FSS which was for my new P3D v 3 install. cheers Dave
  11. It's fantastic news that it's still on the horizon .... Cheers guys Regards Dave
  12. Nope, not as far as I know and I keep my eye out all the time. There was a NadiX released a while back but personally I found it awful, although in fairness it may not have been fully DX10 compatible. I am hoping that after the fantastic job ORBX did with Samoa that maybe Fiji will be considered one day. Imagine flying down the hill past the houses in Savusavu ;-) Cheers Dave
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