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  1. Thanks much! Orbx has inspired me to put these together. It’s added a whole new level of realism to the Sim experience.
  2. Flight through Class Bravo airspace over SEATAC International Airport via the Seahawk VFR transition. Real-World 4K GoPro video and ATC communications are embedded into the X-Plane simulator with Orbx HD scenery.
  3. Thank you! It’s a lot of work, an a lot of fun. Amazing how far along Sim graphics have come!
  4. Thanks much! It really is a lot of fun (and work) stitching in the real-world video with the Sim. I use Sim all the time for flying into unfamiliar airports and instrument training It really is quite amazing.
  5. Thank you. I downloaded an X-Plane add-on for 11S through X-Plane.org. There are a few noticeable enhancements. Yes, this airport was hard to spot in both the Sim and real-world flights due to the trees. The airport sits atop a 350 foot cliff and its nestled in the middle of a forest.
  6. Awesome! Flight Sim is such a great experience. Only thing missing is the full motion it’s a lot of work stitching the GoPro into the videos, but it’s amazing to compare the Sim graphics to the 4K video.
  7. Flight through the famous and picturesque Columbia River Gorge with landing at Goldendale (S20) using both TruEarth Washington and Oregon HD. I took this flight in the real-world Piper Cherokee and embedded the GoPro recording along with the Orbx TruEarth HD video.
  8. Landing at Sekiu Airport (11S) on the north coast of Washington along the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Includes embedded 4K GoPro video from real-world flight on July 27, 2020.
  9. Cool. My step son is stationed ther (Army Infantry) Huge base
  10. This is a short flight over McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma, Washington. Real World 4K Pilot POV camera video embedded and ATC communications including Tacoma Narrows and McChord control towers. C-17 lands underneath us as we cross the runway.
  11. This video re-creates a real world flight I took on July 16, 2020. I carefully replicated the weather conditions as they were on that day and using the X plane simulator with TE Washington HD, I was able to create a very accurate rendition of that flight.
  12. Great job! So funny, I just flew in there today (real world) and just saw your post!
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