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  1. Nice video I like the churches in Heidelberg or some town nearby. I like how you managed to choose such a good landing ground! It is a perfect example of carburetor icing - thanks for sharing that and for your explanation. As you said - low temperatures and moisture in the air. Carburetor temperature is usually several (up to 10 or even little more) degree lower than the outside air (due to pressure drop in venturi). So the air gets sucked in, ice builds up and the airflow is disrupted. In such weather, I would suggest using carb heat as a precaution.
  2. From my flight today - live on youtube. Winds: 14013G24KT (direction: 140, speed: 13 knots, gusts: 24 knots). Video starts during approach, but you can check the whole flight if you like it - route and flight plan are linked in the description - a very nice VFR flight for those who own Vector and openLC Europe.
  3. Hi! I recently flew the localizer rwy 26 and then visual circling approach to Innsbruck (LOWI) in some nice weather (nice for this approach). Hope you like it. Narrative and comments in Polish. If you like Dubrovnik - check my departure (beginning of the video) and landing (end of this video). Vatsim ATC provided APP service in Dubrovnik.
  4. I can no longer edit my first post. I probably have messed permissions for that first Image URL
  5. EZdok / EZCA camera add-on. Usually, I use a keyboard/joystick shortcut for these views that keep changing (instruments close up, left, right, left-forward, right-forward).
  6. Backtrack runway 26 in Sekiu (11S). I flew to Sekiu (you can watch the whole flight in the Videos forum). Then I had to backtrack to parking after landing on 26. I love and simultaneously hate trees on this airport. They look great from the runway but seem terribly close on approach (rwy 26). The weather was nice today in PNW.
  7. Join me on a trip from Skagit to Sekiu. During this flight, I also visited Anacortes and Friday Harbor.
  8. )Hi, The video is in Polish, but I thought you might enjoy the views (True Eart Netherlands) and a plane - slightly different from what we are normally used to
  9. I am. But I did not think their trees are supposed to show in airport sceneries. That is the only Sometimes the light and the view are so nice that I forget to press V
  10. I use Envtex and Sky Force for textures and cloud models. And I use Active Sky to draw clouds. I think I used Sky Force sun glare in this image (later I switched to Envtex sun - not as beautiful, but there are bugs in sky force sun textures). HDR enabled (with dynamic lights, lights illuminating ground and lens flare). Brightness 1.05, Bloom 0.5, Saturation 0.96. I adjust brightness after each change to Envtex and Sky Force settings.
  11. Thanks @Jack - I'm not really sure. I thought it is how trees in Skagit scenery look like (Nature Flow).
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