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  1. Hi all, Installed/Uninstalled and finally reinstalled to no avail Orbx LWSK airfiled doesn't appear in the sim (P3D V5) From Orbx Central all seems well, but trying to depart from this ariport I see only the generic one, not the new one distributed freely by Orbx What do I do wrong ? Thx for any help Cheers
  2. Indeed, that's the step I forgot... Thx! all is now well :-)
  3. That's exactly what I'm looking for, but till now, it escaped me :-(
  4. Hi, Due to serious disk crash I had to totally reinstall Windows XP 11 being on a separate drive, it didn't require reisntallation and works fine with many addons installed Now, upon reinstalling Orbx Central, it won't "see" XP11...isn't there anyway to avoid resintalling XP for proper detection (some manual setup maybe to "show" it XP11) Thx ! Jeepee
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