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  1. Smudger: I re-set my graphics in P3D to match yours. Thank you. It is so much better. Thank you and Doug for all your help.
  2. Now that iss likely Orbx. A little embarrassing that un-checking that box could make such a difference. (Thank you). I'm trying to move-up from FSX:SE to P3D and XP, but they didn't require an intelligence test! Any comments on my settings, would be appreciated.
  3. Is this a bit better? It does look much better with that box un-checked (thank you). Maybe it IS Orbx!
  4. Its strange, right! The Orbx files are physically on the hard drive. They are in add-ons.cfg. They're in the P3d scenery library grayed-out but checked, Yet the Central library shows "0" bytes, and the scenery does not load. Any suggestions?
  5. Well, damn! The library has stopped searching, and has accepted C:/Orbx Library, but shows 0 size, and when I fly, still not Orbx. Looks like P3d default. As a test, I verified Base and Washington, but still shows 0 bytes, and not Orbx scenery in sim. I'll contact you Monday. I love this hobby; it keeps me drinking!
  6. I re-booted the computer, and it accepted it. So, I tried C, and it now accepts it. Also now allows a sync. So, I'm going to try a flight. I'll let you know.
  7. I re-named the old library on C:, then switched to my D: drive and created an Orbx Library there. Empty. When I click Save, it searches for awhile then times-out. For some reason, Central is not seeing my hard drive, it seems. I also received an error dialogue that it could not sync my sim.
  8. Well, it did let me get passed while spinning. When I went to Libraries there was my library, but with 0 size. I hit Save and it spun looking for awhile then came up with "Timed Out". So, it does not like C:/Orbx Libraries.
  9. Followed the steps. On Central re-opening, I got the same red Worker not loading warning. When it asked me to create the library, I directed it to the one I created yesterday: C:/Orbx Library. It spun for quite awhile, then brought the create your library dialogue box up again. So, it couldn't find it,, either. I can't get past that. Shall I try creating a directory on D:, or maybe create a new folder with no files in it, and direct it to it (that would probably require re-install?)?
  10. I apologizer for this turning into such a time-suck. Really. I cleared the temp folder, tuned-off updates and restarted. A red error box came up indicating that Orbx Worker did not load. Size in Libraries still spinning.
  11. Any chance you could guide me thru cleaning the registry entries for Central? Interesting, that I installed another airport this morning, and it installed fine into the C:/Orbx Library that I created yesterday. So, Central is finding it. But, in Central Libraries, the "Size" column keeps spinning. So, its using CPU. Like its searching for the library.
  12. Okay; I deleted that line, and then ran the sim. Still not picking-up Orbx. The top photo is looking at Boeing Field; the second looking at Seattle downtown. Terrible screenshots, but definitely not Orbx. If it helps diagnostically, in Orbx Central > Libraries, under "Size" one of those "busy" icons just spins around, like its trying to do something. If I exit and return, same thing. Since yesterday. I was thinking of un-installing my Orbx scenery using Central, then re-installing, but when I tested doing that with a small airport, no h
  13. Well, Doug, I did as above. The transfer of files went fairly quickly and smoothly. But in Settings>Libraries, the Orbx Library "size" column has one of those "busy" circles that continuously to go round in circles, as if its processing. Its been doing it for hours. I've exited Central, but when I return, same ting. I've even un-installed and re-installed Central, but same thing. The new folder I created and transferred the files to is C:/Orbx Library. I've attached add-ons config, because at the bottom, under [DiscoveryPath.1], because although the paths for P3d sc
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