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  1. Hi, latest version of Central won’t let me enter a credit card number and the Paypal link doesn’t work. Never been a problem before David
  2. I realise that it’s not in the Orbx Central app, but we are absolutely loving the new partner Auscene MSFS freeware for Aldinga, South Australia. I think it’s my son’s favourite airport add-on full stop. David
  3. there’s a lot wrong with default msfs navaids. I use navigraph to correct many of them.
  4. Are we allowed to discuss notable freeware scenery? There’s been some good releases recently in the freeware world and would love to share my recommendations. David
  5. maybe they’ll let u work on some local airports like Blackpool and Carlisle while you’re on the mend :D
  6. I have had confirmation from Carenado that the flight dynamics were completely knacked by the latest update. Mine for example acts like the wings have fallen off if you add any flaps.. here’s the email i got ” Carenado Support, Mar 10, 2021, 18:21 GMT-3: Greetings, We have received reports of problems with the flaps and drag of our aircraft, unfortunately our last aircraft (PA28R) was submitted 10 days ago to Microsoft and the last MSFS2020 update modified its flight dynamics. We reiterate our apologies, problem that will be solved shortly, thanks for understanding.
  7. the msfs Carenado Arrow is broken since Update 3 surprise surprise
  8. my instructor does his mep currency rating there. It’s a tight rwy for multi’s for sure.
  9. I’d say that while the superfast read speeds of a new gen pcie 4 nvme drive are largely overkill for most applications, they make a difference for p3d load times. Worth considering a Ryzen 5000 and board for this reason alone
  10. There’s a 1GB patch currently updating. Hotfix Every dev anxiously holds their breaths. interns start internal screaming Apparently it “fixed bgl backward content when loading bgl’s with Projected Meshes’ It also fixes Portsmouth/Southampton
  11. my instructor says ‘aim for ****** the trees’ when approaching Stapleford
  12. Long load times in P3D 5 are often related to Vectors. For some reason, the software tries to index the entire world every day. I dont really miss Vectors having removed it.
  13. I can’t say I really understand VRAM any more because i get taunted for having ‘only at 10gb’ 3080 but that ddr6 memory card absolutely shreds time spy benchmarks
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