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  1. Hi John, yes I lived in St Andrews and drove trains from Perth depot. I drove past Dundee airport every day (when i didnt go via Cupar).. the turbine and its location are near Ninewells on Tom Mcdonald Avenue. Easy to spot on Google Maps. It’s not as big as the maritime ones but it sure is too big for a back yard!
  2. I don’t think it installing properly. I verified it and it isnt appearing, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no success. It doesnt matter whether i specify an Orbx library or not as Orbx Central puts it in the same location. I should add that all my other Orbx Central FS2020 installed without issue and appears in my profile. Dundee isn’t currently there.
  3. Hi there, we set the new Dundee to the fuel point and it spawned.. inside a hangar which we couldn’t escape. has anyone else had this?
  4. Well, i’ve had a raft of problems getting 5.1 and Orbx Central to play nicely. It may well be the obscure way Prepar3d works and installs but my scenery.cfg is knackered and i’m having to re-verify/re-install 500gb of Orbx files. I really regret downloading the update so far. Days of work. Caveat Emptor and all that
  5. amazing! Someone offered me a go in a Comanche last week. Can’t wait.
  6. Best sim aircraft ever. Dinne be sad. Fall in love with a 55 year old aircraft
  7. How wonderful to see A2A aircraft on Orbx Central - such good news
  8. cant wait to see all those Cobham Falcons and correct ga parking between hangers 2 and 3
  9. EGNV is my home school airport. would love to see that. Also, Asobo missed Currock Hill Glider Club... great little location suitable for the Orbx treatment
  10. It has been pointed out in the wider aviation press.. Flyer Magazine for one.. that UK VFR flight uses landmarks such as church spires as visual cues. Not a single church spire in MSFS - I’m sure down the line things will gradually improve however I seem to have spent 110 ukp on a barely operating beta
  11. last time I was there we found an amazing turkish restaurant not far from the waterside. Looks detailed enough that I could find it again
  12. Don’t get me started on taxiways.. oh well.. do.. In MSFS taxiway names are made up randomly. You certainly can’t try and Vatsim with them.. In April I successfully navigated around the globe in fsx using the default atc.. bar the occasional collision on final ‘follow the 747 on final’ errr what 747... BANG it got me there eventually. ATC in msfs is an unfinished product and ifr a nightmare. At least Navigraph have updated the approach procedures in their msfs beta. Nonetheless, my home airport - the one where I fly irl is generally worse than O
  13. certainly was surprised how much is missing - cathedrals and stadiums for example.. stuff that TrueEarth really shone on.. here’s the default Durham *sans Cathedral* or any actual recognisable feature in the new sim
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