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  1. I hope Thessaloniki comes over. Halkidiki is a beautiful part of the world
  2. hopefully we’ll see FlyTampa match this with their Thessaloniki airport updated
  3. If you could plan the longest run in a GA aircraft (no tubes) stopping only at Orbx or Orbx partner airports to refuel, what route would you take?
  4. thanks - will do. yes I asked for ils to 15 and was told to circle to 33. worked well.
  5. Just flying from the UK to LOWS and was wondering why P3D wants to vector me into ILS Rwy 33 when it shouldnt even be possible? I have the Orbx LOWS scenery.. why is it so determined to have me steer into a mountain?
  6. With the creation of Asia LC, we are getting close to being able to travel around the entire World on Orbx Scenery (with a few gaps like Adak Alaska and Greenland) - fun especially in a non-tubeliner. Maybe the KA350i partner aircraft? I did something similar when I started simming on FSX - who would love to try this when Asia LC arrives and what route would you choose? oh and Orbx developers, if you want to give us a fun airfield, Adak Alaska complete with abandoned Macdonalds drive thru would be awesome!
  7. tell me about it. can’t take off from some airfields because the Take Off Run is blocked by Monster trees. The West Highlands around Plockton and Broadford are now basically forest. hah
  8. Having deleted rolling cache.. and the directory suggested.. still got ctd’d. Uninstalled msfs, reinstalled.. still have ctd.. honestly. I think I may have to delete every single thing in the community folder next and I really don’t want to do that. I am tempted to sit out msfs until a more stable version appears. David
  9. I remember my flight around the world back in UK Lockdown 1 - FSX. All those memory crashes! Anyway Asia was a BIG part of that rtw trip.. Highlights included New Dehli, coming in over -Himalayas to Bagdogra Darjeeling.. then onto Rangoon, over the jungle mountains and then Hanoi before skirting the coast to busy Hong Kong and bad storms into Shanghai. The fact that I spent so much time just getting the various airports and meshes to work means I am readily licking my lips at the thought of these places in OpenLC Prepar3d 5.1 Can’t wait!!
  10. I’m just baffled by the obsession with 10 story trees absolutely everywhere in MSFS London. I mean yes, we all love our trees but just take a look at more representative Google Earth side by side with the World Update loading page and it’s bizarre. At the end of the day, we’re still living in a concrete jungle not an evergreen one.
  11. the UK World Update is a mess - my high end pc just keeps crashing to desktop in Flight Simulator (was fine before the update) and everywhere cathedrals and other significant landmarks remain missing. The buildings around Greenwich even on the loading screen aren’t even close to being as accurate as Orbx or Google Earth - the Isle of Dogs south of Canary Wharf (a very urban area) is now a forest of mis-sized trees! Please Orbx - release a TrueEarth England pack so we can actually get something worth using in MsFS
  12. hah. it’s my neighbourhood but I wouldn’t expect most Orbx forum users to know about Parmos at Aviator Cafe lol
  13. I did a panorama from the Aviator Cafe at Fishburn (the newest Orbx freebie) The file’s a bit too big to upload, so here’s link. Hope that’s ok. https://flic.kr/p/2kvwwzo
  14. I found a Youtube clip of the 26 takeoff at Fishburn. I think you can see the gradient and blind crest / short run quite well. Grass too... don’t mess up your run calculations
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