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  1. Got it now. I didn't realise that you have to download from Orbx Central. All good now and very impressed with the graphics. I had a quick flight around the Isle of Wight and it is quite realistic although not sure about the Needles. Gonna have to get South England now. Cheers, Clive
  2. Thanks for the quick response Nick. I have downloaded Orbx Central but still had the problems. I'll read the User Guide and see what mistakes I've made. Cheers, Clive
  3. This is great, I didn't know that there was a Redcliffe airport (in Aus) and Lilydale. I've flown into both in a real aircraft and so this will be fun on the sim. Thanks Clive
  4. I am also having problems. I have downloaded the Orbx Library and was trying to look at the demo for Great Britain South for X-Plane but it doesn't matter which method I choose I get 1) Open in Orbx Central - Safari can't open the specified address, 2) Manual download - error 502 Bad Gateway, 3) Linux/MacOS download - error 502 Bad Gateway. How do I get the demo scenery? And how do I load it? Does it go in the Orbx Library folder? Where does the Orbx Library folder go, should it be in the Custom Scenery file? Thanks for your help
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