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  1. looking amazing.. would love to have this paired with Teesside International, 30 miles south
  2. I really hope that this includes some landmarks for Newcastle because FS2020 is PANTS for that.. not even the Tyne Bridge or Millenium Bridge and Sage! David, Newcastle
  3. looking good. my son was born in the hospital next to the airport. a special place. (missing the Ninewells wind turbine though) David
  4. i reinstalled to community folder using Orbx all sorted now
  5. Hi John. I cracked it... my other installs are in the community folder.. Dundee got installed to the Orbx Library location and didnt show up. I uninstalled Dundee, deleted the Orbx/msfs folder and reinstalled to the community library... and all sorted. It seems that MSFS doesnt like a mixture of the two locations. David
  6. Hi - I have all the UK Scenery so far released for FS2020 and haven't had this problem before: Dundee isn't appearing! I've verified files, no luck.. reinstalled.. nothing. I'm using the latest patch of FS2020. I've copied yday's log: 2020-11-16T16:55:18.875Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.23 2020-11-16T16:55:18.876Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.19042 2020-11-16T16:55:18.876Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\dvwdf\AppData\Roaming 2020-11-16T16:55:18.877Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData 2020-11-16T16:55:18.877Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env
  7. well, that seems to have solved the problem.. used a June old scenery.cfg as the current one and let Orbx Central sync it. proper job.
  8. yes it says it is looking in the correct place. ok.. I will take an older scenery.cfg from the summer, rename the current one and save the older one as "scenery.cfg" - i'll then sync them in central and see how P3D responds.
  9. I know Orbx Central is creating a path that the client doesn't like. I uninstalled and reinstalled the client but this hasn't sorted the problem at all.
  10. Hi - I seem to have problems with my scenery.cfg It all started when I tried updating to 5.1 from 5.0 Anyway, now Orbx Central keeps creating invalid paths when I sync the libraries I get the error "scenery's remote directory is not valid" can anyone give me an easy fix to this? David
  11. Seems like good practice to re-live lessons on the sim. anyway here's some Orbx screenshots versus yesterday's lesson. Sorry for any duplication - can't work out how to delete the other post in the general forum So, Piper Cherokee is the same and the views are pretty close to the same. Enjoy
  12. Here's a screenshot of Croxdale from TE England as a comparison
  13. Dude - I'm still waiting for FSX to be 100% bug free Fact is that the Premium edition is offering 300-500 dollars worth of add-ons in the bundle. sounds a reasonable deal.
  14. It's hard to stick to the standard version when EGLL, Frankfurt and Dubai are Premium only. I had noticed LOWI and KTEX in the MS FS2020 release details and thought "Orbx" at once
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