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  1. I sit and watch the cpu activity in afterburner and notice that with HT off the cpu's share the P3Dv5 load evenly and without too much fuss at all. With HT on, one thread takes a MASSIVE hit and some of the threads sit entirely idle. You can tweak affinity masks but it seems to just shift the blockage somewhere else. Also, the laptop on board GTX1070 GPU memory is better utilised with HT off. It's pretty messed up.
  2. I realise that Hyperthreading has largely been discarded by Intel in Gen 9/10 but why does it affect my 7700hq chipset Prepar3d performance so badly? With it on, I can spend hours trying to get various cpu's to play nicely.. but with them off.. it runs faster, smoother and cooler. Why?
  3. Turning off hyperthreading in the bios also helps.. and if you have the RAM to cope, turn off your virtual memory in windows performance manager.
  4. So I'm trying to learn crosswind landings.. and hey what do you know my home airfield had a peachy one today.. so Loaded up P3Dv5 and turned Active Sky on.. Hold on for dear life... 2020-06-29 13-19-22 by Dave Woodford, on Flickr
  5. Would love to see the Hawaiian globalftx airports such as Waimea made available. That is a very useful airport indeed.
  6. you can create a folder in add-on scenery called greenland, then another subfolder called scenery. stick the bgl files in there and add the greenland folder in scenery index
  7. there's some better greenland meshes out there.. should help https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/6666/fsx-extreme-southwestgreenland-terrain-mesh/
  8. Home of G-ATYS.. the Wycombe - Sydney Cherokee (available as a skin for the A2A PA-28) SKIN: https://www.a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=340617#p340617
  9. oh yes - i mean for an emirates 777 it's short. Clearly if you want to test yourself on a tight runway, go to Eshott, 20 miles to the North or Currock Hill across the Tyne (both are UK2000 VFR North or freeware elsewhere) Saying that, I've landed an empty a380 using ils on the sim at newcastle. the only problem is there isnt really enough room to taxi to the terminal The right wing sort of clips the boundary fence and you can't make that corning without using the grass
  10. Here's Newcastle IRL last Saturday from one of the local school Cherokees: that runway is SHORT
  11. can almost see my house from the tower and the runway is the about shortest that Emirates fly into.
  12. Try DISABLE FULLSCREEN OPTIMISATIONS and then restart your pc and reload. works for loads of games/sims
  13. oh soz.. it's REALLY good I'll be sure to look for his other work
  14. When we were there we spent a night in a swag under the stars near Fitzroy Crossing.. we travelled back via Windjana Gorge - seen here on Orbx Aus v2. Lots of freshies there if you are brave enough hah Windjana Gorge resident freshie: Broome Saltie: Finally - referring back to OP I mentioned about the mangroves in Broome... found a pic I took.
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