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  1. I don't wish to keep on with this but just to let you know EGTR Elstree is also infected. Many Thanks. Look forward to the fix. I would just like to add that the work here at Orbx is very much appreciated. You have transformed my whole flight Sim immersion within XPlane.
  2. Hi at Orbx As previously reported I have found the same tree texture anomaly at EGTH Old Warden. Notice the treeline in the background.These appear to be the same batch as the Stapleford ones. Both seem to have appeared since the TEGB updates, as mentioned in my previous report.
  3. Here are a few screenshots for comparison before TEGB updates.
  4. I take your point. I myself am able to display the trees at particular angles that make them appear correct..But I think their is most definately something going on with the texturing/alphas/masks or something around the trees included with the Stapleford scenery. As I use this airfield a lot I noticed this instantly after the TEGB updates. I have included some more screen shots from around the airfield for reference. Regards
  5. Hi All. I have noticed since the updates for TEGB South, Central and North that the iconic treelines at EGSG Stapleford (XPlane) seem to have a slight texturing problem. Thought I should pass it on as a report. Many Thanks.
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