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  1. Lucky you , nice shots. Still not able to have it installed, but I keep faith...
  2. WOW !! We are reaching the top here ! I've never been a photoreal fan but this has nothing to do with what we saw before from other (wellnone and non ORBX of course) devs. I heard time ago that Italy could be the next region for ORBX, I can't imagine how nice it would be with this gorgeous blend of photoreal and autogen. So please keep your idea of moving south...
  3. I'm having a real ball exploring SA open LC ! For the first time I'm "flying" over a new part of the world that is not North America or Europe. Departing from SCTE and making the vulcano tour gives you much more a fat region feeling than an open LC one. You made a real good job. Thank you.
  4. Very unofficialy I installed (copied in an separate and external folder to be honest, I like risk but not that much) nearly every non ORBX addon airports I have around France, Spain , Portugal over FTX Europe LC and it works very nicely... And even more unofficially I copied and declared manually something I was heavily missing outside my fat ftx regions, and guess what: it worked !
  5. I'm testing... So far I installed (copy from v3 folder) and declared manually: Genoa X, Bergamo X, Malpensa X, Jetstream design Milano Linate, and they all work perfectly without drop of FPS. I will keep on installing my long list of European airports. I also managed to have UT live running on both V3 and V4 ( so simple that I can't understand why it isn't already available directly from developers). But no way to have a Carenado aircraft working, it seems we are back in the DX9/Dx10 story, with transparent textures everywhere.
  6. You did it and you did it well ! Migrating from V3 to V4 is smooth as silk. Congratulations and thank you !!
  7. Roger that and thank you! I prefer to inform myself before going wrong. I know that meshes are bgl at the end but you never know...I messed up a lot with previous versions trying to force installs. Anyway I just declared each single region manually and it's OK.
  8. Thank you for answering ! So I will wait for the 2018 upgrade.
  9. Hello, Does somebody know something about the FS Global 2010 FTX compatible mesh and P3DV4 ? There is nothing about it on the Pilot's site and that should be the first addon to install normally. Thank you very much
  10. I've just installed V4 on a dedicated 1TB ssd ( Academic licence + 330 € ,yes, I'm a believer...I will also upgrade my GPU form a 970 to a 1070). Know we've got a looooooooong way to go, and still some good time on V3. The fact is that nobody's ready. Nobody at all. We've been speaking of V4 64B for month now and nobody is ready when it's finally out. I suppose there are technical and good reasons fore that, I'm sure, but I just bought active sky 2016 and Ultimate traffic live, and those are very recent releases, and they are stuck to V3. Why not waiting a bit and release them V4 ready ? I trust that ORBX will react very quickly, and I hope all the others will follow them. I have serious doubts with some well none developers anyway, as they don't even update to V3... Let's be patient. I'm convinced that P3D V4 is the future, even if V3 could be more then enough for me if it wasn't for the OOM. Aerofly could be very nice on some points, but I hardly imagine the whole world in photoreal on one SSD. Maybe I'n totally wrong, but I really prefer the FTX autogen approach.
  11. Excellent news ! thank you for that. You say your screenshot are Global+EU LC, and looking carefully I see a nice looking beach on picture 6 and some very nice transparency in the water on pictures 8 to 11. Is there something new concerning that in the sim ?
  12. I had a flight tonight from LEGR (Granada, Spain) to LPPT (Lisboa, Portugal). Nearly two hours . The aircraft was a Carenado DO 228. Altitude 20000 Ft. Both airports had an active addon scenery, I had my P3D settings at very dense , traffic set at 100% in the sim, 60% in UT live and ASCA on with a heavy weather on departure and very cloudy at destination. I had a maximum VAS at 2200 MB after take off, then it stabilized at 1500, maximum 1600 MB for landing even passing at low altitude above Lisboa. At the end ASCA and UT live didn't make any VAS issue. It seems to depend much more on the scenery you fly above and the aircraft VC.
  13. After some various flights with UT live I'm still not able to say if it's a VAS killer or not. It doesn't get the situation better for sure, and I had a few OOM recently but I also use active sky next and AFCA and it doesn't help at all. Some recent planes are more than suspect too (JSS simulation Transall or Carenado piper Cheyenne). At the end it's almost impossible for me to tell who's responsible here.
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