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  1. Lucky you , nice shots. Still not able to have it installed, but I keep faith...
  2. Same story as mine. Terrible for people with slow connection.
  3. some news on my ORBX account, I can download the file now.
  4. There's a but... No download is available for this product on my account page... So no or manual download for me. Is there a reason for that?
  5. So I start up again As you can see there is no reminding of the 20 GB that were on the previous screen. But at least the download rate it stable now. The orange strip has still a strange behaviour as I should be much shorter for 293MB/77GB.
  6. Same thing here, I did try to update but my version is still And by the way if I close FTX central, the download start up from the beginning (that's what happened yesterday).
  7. After more or less 16 hours of download, here's what I see on FTX central : Everything is blocked now and as you can see there is a contradiction between the orange strip (20GB downloaded) and the text on the right saying that there is only 1 second left... I don't have a very fast connection but my max download rate (1,5 MB/s) allows me to download big stuff such as Aerofly without problem. If I close FTX central I will have to start up again and it doesn't help very much.
  8. WOW !! We are reaching the top here ! I've never been a photoreal fan but this has nothing to do with what we saw before from other (wellnone and non ORBX of course) devs. I heard time ago that Italy could be the next region for ORBX, I can't imagine how nice it would be with this gorgeous blend of photoreal and autogen. So please keep your idea of moving south...
  9. Hello, The Maroni river is totally missing between N 3° 44.70' W 54° 5.06' (SO63) and N 4° 24.38' W 54° 24.67' It is not a small river anyway and it's the border between French and Suriname. All the best.
  10. I'm having a real ball exploring SA open LC ! For the first time I'm "flying" over a new part of the world that is not North America or Europe. Departing from SCTE and making the vulcano tour gives you much more a fat region feeling than an open LC one. You made a real good job. Thank you.
  11. What a nice surprise tonight when exploring the wonderful SA open LC, I landed in SCTE. I didn't know the airport had been enhanced, but I appreciated it a lot. Nice job ! So I think will have my little request (never had one since now): KTYS Knoxville east Tennessee. Thank you again.
  12. OK, library reloaded. The problem is fixed. Thank you Nick for your quick answer ! Nobody knows how to get rid of the waves ?
  13. I was trying that but the waves are really a big mess along the shore, some times perpendicular, some time vertical... Doesn't seem to work here...
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