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  1. I have now solved the issue. The problem lay in the fact that, as stated above, the SSD drive was formatted as exFAT which does not support symbolic links.(which I didn't know about before) I have reformatted as NTFS and copied the Library folder and xplane folder back to my SSD drive and the links have been made and the scenery shows up.
  2. Further to my post above I have found a reference on the internet that states that the file system exFAT does not support symbolic links. The drive that Xplane 11 & the Orbx library are installed on is an SSD which is formatted to exFAT. I wonder if this is the reason why the symbolic links are not being created. Has anyone else had this problem with an SSD drive? I am not sure if an SSD drive can be formatted to NTFS thanks
  3. Hi I’m not sure if my exact issue, below, has been raised in the forums before, if it has, then apologies for raising it again. Perhaps someone could redirect me to the solution. I have created a fresh installation of X Plane 11 on an external SSD drive (Called Drive G) and have downloaded “True Earth Great Britain Central” and "Innsbruck airport" via Orbx central into a libraries folder. However, neither of the two scenery products appear when running X Plane 11. I have carried out a “Resynchronise Simulator” in from Orbx Central, but still the scenery is missing. I am not a computer expert and am running out of ideas as to what I have done wrong. I have tried to follow some previous threads about similar issues and have found references to the “central.json” file. The “central.json” file as found per the following path:- <windows disk>/users/<your user acct name>/app data/Roaming/Orbx/Central/central.json shows the following entry:- "sceneryConfigPath": "G:\\X-Plane 11\\Custom Scenery\\scenery_packs.ini" However, when I look at the contents of the .ini file no Orbx files are mentioned. The "rootPath" is shown as:- "rootPath": "G:\\X-Plane 11" And the “path” is shown as:- "path": "G:\\Orbx Library" The above are the correct directories, although I am not sure whether the double backslashes are significant. I have installed this second copy of X-plane & downloaded the Orbx data twice and end up with the same result.. If somebody can give me some advice, I should be very grateful thanks
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