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  1. Hello, Is this Airport also planed for P3D ? Pozdrav Dukki
  2. Hi Misha, Hvala ti puno za update puno pozdrava from zurich
  3. Hi @Misha Cajic You need a lot of time to solve this small issue :/ ...
  4. Hi @Misha Cajic Static aircraft in the LYBE control panel are disable (static aircraft - terminal and static aircraft - maintenance ramp), because i fly on IVAO and VATSIM online. Thank you for fixing this issue Misha. puno pozdrava Dukki
  5. Hello @Misha Cajic Do you see my last post from 16. May ? Pozz Dukki
  6. Dobro vece Misha The only Charlie gates that are labeled are C6, C8 and C9, as you can see in the picture. However, there are some gates that are not labeled at all(second picture), and I don't know if some of them are C2, C4 or C1A, C3A, C5a, etc. Pozdrav Dukki
  7. @Misha Cajic Do you know any soloution for this problem ? Pozdrav iz Ciriha
  8. Hello everybody Some of the gates/stands are missing from dropdown menu, can't be selected when loading the flight(for example C2, C4, C1A, C3A, C5A). kind regards,
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