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  1. Hi Nick Firstly many thanks for helping me to sort out the loading of True Earth South. I managed with your help to load it fully and it was working fine .However on closing the programme x plane on starting it up next day, I am getting like a spotlight around my plane that I never had before also a distinct line across the scenery. I am attaching 2 pictures from the screen to see if you can help with what is going on. I have Orbx North Central & South installed also Headshake and X Camera all of which have worked perfectly until yesterday. Regards Ian
  2. install download error in x plane 11 for central south Getting red communication box error when trying to download new update for central and loading of true earth south Operating system: windows 10 Simulator: x-plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: install download error in x plane 11 for central south
  3. Hi Jon Thanks for the input I will get my guy to try what you suggest as he understands these things. C drive has 143 gb free D drive has 768gb free i WOULD BE WILLING TO PAY VIA PAYPAL TO HAVE SOMEONE SORT THIS OUT USING TEAMVIEWER ITS QUICK AND SAFE. Ian Gregson
  4. Hi John Thanks for helping out with my x-plane 11 Orbx central and northern yesterday . Sorry to use this way of communicating but I don't know how to use the forum stuff at least my thanks will get to you this way Ian Gregson
  5. Hi Nick Thank you for replying to me so promptly My system is windows 10 and the download always fails at about 80% of the load the same for each item. As i said I am not great with computers being 75 years old but young at heart and not a bad simulator pilot. As I said in my message I have a computer guy who actually built my computer and he took it over with teamshare where upon he can control everything on my computer in real time He is also unable to figure out why this is happening as there is lots of storage on the disc even though this is a large
  6. purchase numbers for central 5ebcf8264a41f purchase numbers for northern 5eb57a856d291 this should be with my previous message.
  7. Hi After purchasing Orbx north and central I am unable to load them onto my computer it gets almost there then freezes saying files not loaded go to verify files . Having done this 3 times now and wasted almost 2 days I am at a loss to know what to do . There is lots of memory left on my disc far more than these would take, I contacted my computer technician who built the computer and he has tried via Teamshare where he takes over my computer and operates the mouse, even he has failed to get to the end of the download. If I am not able to load this after several
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