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  1. Thank you Steve I will try that ,well done on the spitfire don’t fancy that my self I have managed to fix EGNM with help from other thank you it was the apt.dat file I think was corrupt in my installation .
  2. Thank you again I actually work at EGNM as ground crew youv'e done a fantastic job.
  3. I used your apt.dat file and that did the trick !!!!!!! I compared yours to mine and there were some major diffrences thank you so much.
  4. I replaced the apt.dat file and that did the trick Steve thankyou so much for your help.
  5. Hi again Steve just to let you know i have now lost TG at EGLC and EGPH i have not touched anything beggining to feel a bit miffed with Orbx as i have spent a small fortune with them there is obviously a problem that needs addressing i wonder i you know what strings to pull cheers John.
  6. Thank you guys i'll get on with trying to fix it .
  7. Thanks Steve for the reply iv'e tried everything mate this has me scratching my head there is absoulutley nothing in the airport or even the vicinity, as I said it was working till the Orbx update of EGNM then nothing all my other Orbx airports are fine if I uninstall EGNM back to the default Traffic global works fine.
  8. Iv'e tried this and still no joy all my other airports are fine just EGNM it's quite annoying as it was working before the EGNM update by Orbx.
  9. Hi Jon again sorry to bother could you look at theses when i select active flights there's none.
  10. I’ve tried this so I’m at a loss it was working before with Traffic Global that’s the thing I don’t understand thank you for your advice anyway .
  11. Hi Jon iv'e just done a flight from EGHI then EGCC up to EGPH then finished at EGNM all airports were fine apart from Leeds and i'm running Traffic Global Release 1.0.9113 this one has me scratching my head as it worked fine.
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